What’s this? A new web series that portrays black preachers as less than perfect? And, I dare say, maybe even hypocritical? I’m there!

And I was just saying to someone the other day that there’s maybe one too many black web series about relationships involving 20-something year olds (yawn) and not enough dealing with other subjects; and along comes this new web series called Te$timoney produced by Michael Greyson, who also directs, and Corey Scales.

Written by J. Sanders Nelson and Grayson, it deals with Rev. Calvin Shephard who finds himself in a conflict. As someone who was formerly involved in the “street life”, Rev. Shephard  “is caught between two worlds and two allegiances. He is a saved man, called by God to preach the gospel. He is a loving father and husband. He is also running from a previous life that is trying to pull him back”..

Starring Calvin Gabriel as Rev. Shephard and Nadine Marissa, the web series will consist of 6 ten-minute episodes.

Here’s Episode One: