No Strings, Please

Here’s the first episode of the new 10-episode web series, which I first wrote about a few weeks ago, called No Strings, Please.

Episode one is titled Goodbye Brooklyn.

Written and directed by Gemal Woods, and produced by Dawn L. Hall, and starring Naima Ramos-Chapman in the lead role of Charley Parker, the series revolves around the misadventures of Parker, a former Brooklynite now relocated to Washington, DC., who leads a rather aimless life and prefers a listless existence in her new city.

Even worse is that Charley is “not sure about a lot of things, including keeping a steady job, but instead ventures into new territory for online trysts and deviant crimes. Confronted with resolving grief of her deceased mother, a father who’s moved on and a new life, Charley emerges transformed and ultimately untangled."

Judging from the first episode, it definitely does manage to establish its own unique tone, and there are subtle (and not so subtle) hints that things will get even wackier as the series progresses.

Also appearing in the series are Jaben Early, Ann Turino, Pei Pei Lin, Dennis Blackmen, Baye Harrell, Rasik Ohal and Clayton LeBouef.