In The Deep

Here's the second episode of the new U.K. web series In the Deep, which we first posted about last week HERE

As we said back then, the creators of the series, Joseph Adesunloye and Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, did not conceive Deep as "not just another queer web series," but are hoping to create something that is more complex.

As the synopsis for the show says: "Ade is stuck between two worlds, British/Nigerian and gay. He lives a double life, hiding his relationships on both ends; Emilia has the confusing ‘thing’ with Riley, her straight best friend who also has a boyfriend. Wesley is struggling to decide whether to fight for love or let someone else sweep him off his feet. Rene realizes that he finally has to grow up."

There is currently an IndieGogo fundraising campaign for the series, so go HERE to contribute.

Here is Episode Two: