As Bugs Bunny once said: "What kind of deviltry can I think of doing today?"

So here we go again with something controversial which is sure not going to sit well with some of you (putting it very mildly...). There are all kinds of web series being produced nowadays, but this one is admittedly different.

And yet it does deal with a reality. A harsh reality that some people want to ignore or pretend that it doesn't; but it's out there folks. I found that there is, nevertheless, a rather haunting sadness just underneath the surface - of women who have faced nothing but disappointments and crushed dreams, and who are forced to take whatever meager opportunities that life and society, as a whole, has allotted them. 

It's a multi-part documentary web series called P.O.P and I won't tell you what the letters stand for. You'll have to watch the first episode to see for yourself.

But according to the creator of the web series, Artemus Jenkins, the goal of his series is to feature "women who dance and have danced at the historic Magic City strip club in Atlanta. My primary goal in doing it was to put a more human side to a group that many people often misconceive as a low life group of women. It may or may not change people's views, but I, at least, wanted to delve into their world a bit so that we all could have a better understanding of the culture."

And you know me by now, if there's one thing that I absolutely love to do is to stir up trouble.

Here's Episode One (as the title of the post says, it's probably NSFW):