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First Trailer For Patrik-Ian Polk's 'Blackbird' Arrives (Isaiah Washington, Mo'Nique, Julian Walker Star)

by Tambay A. Obenson
February 13, 2014 6:21 PM
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Isaiah Washington and Mo'Nique in 'Blackbird'
Isaiah Washington and Mo'Nique in 'Blackbird'

Blackbird, the 5th feature film from Patrik-Ian Polk will close the ongoing Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles, CA, which runs through February 17, 2014.

Polk's drama centers on a talented teenage singer struggling with religion, sexuality, a troubled home life and other high school woes, in a small Southern Baptist town - a journey that ultimately leads to him learning to accept and love who he is.

Here's an official synopsis:

Blackbird tells the story of 17-year-old Randy Rousseau, a devout high school choir boy struggling to come of age in the small religiously conservative Mississippi town he calls home. Randy juggles his role as star of the church choir with facing the everyday trials of life as a high school misfit- a misfit plagued by eerie visions and premonitions. Complicating matters, his little sister has gone missing and his parents have subsequently split up, leaving him to care for his heartbroken mother, Claire. When Claire discovers a shocking secret her son has been hiding, she blames him for the disappearance of his sister. Randy’s father, Lance, who has been keeping a watchful eye on his broken family, steps in to give his son a hand as he struggles to make the difficult transition into manhood.

Newcomer Julian Walker is starring as Randy Rousseau, with Isaiah Washington and Mo'Nique playing the teen's estranged father and mother.

Terrell Tilford, Gary L. Gray, Kevin Allesee, Torrey Laamar, Nikki Jane and D. Woods round out the cast of Polk's drama, which is an adaptation of Larry Duplechan's novel.

Blackbird, shot on location in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, will make its World Premiere as the Closing Night film at the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF), screening twice on Sunday, February 16 at 6pm and again at 7pm. The 7pm screening will be followed by an after party.

For more information on the closing night of the Pan African Film Festival featuring Blackbird visit:

Shadow & Act is at the festival, and will review the film after its screening this weekend.

Yesterday, we premiered the film's first official poster. 

Today, while it's not an S&A premiere, it's a look at footage from the film via its first full trailer, which is embedded below, so check it out. Underneath you'll find an interview Isaiah Washington and Mo'Nique gave to Los Angeles' FOX TV affiliate - KTTV. I thank Mr Washington for the shout out he gave during the conversation! Much appreciated sir!

First, watch the trailer, hot off the presses, and then watch the interview (the poster follows underneath):

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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  • Donella | February 19, 2014 11:11 AMReply

    Gosh that was a great interview. "This is our comeback as producers!"

    Both Isaiah and Monique on the driver's side.

    And, as always, Monique's makeup is flawless. DAMMIT!

  • Vin | February 19, 2014 10:06 AMReply

    Looks like an interesting project. However, as a gay black male, I'm a little over white guys always being the object of the gay black man's affection in movies and television.

  • Donella | February 19, 2014 11:28 AM

    I'm over their praying to white Jesus.

  • Inez Cole | February 18, 2014 3:43 PMReply

    Powerful film.

  • lamar waters | February 15, 2014 2:01 PMReply

    Oh Patrick! great great great my friend! I can't wait to see this!

  • LFleming | February 15, 2014 10:54 AMReply

    GO Mo'nique!

  • Liam | February 14, 2014 3:22 PMReply

    I want Julian Walker's version of 'i want to be like jesus' - anyone know where i can get it??

  • STRONGFORU | February 14, 2014 11:59 AMReply

    Awesome! I can't wait to see the film. 'Blackbird' was one of the first books I read that I could fully relate to as a teenager.

  • ChgoSista | February 14, 2014 11:31 AMReply

    Digging what I'm seeing/hearing on this one!

  • Shanae | February 14, 2014 10:32 AMReply

    Sounds very exciting. I can't wait until it releases in DC.

  • Danielle | February 14, 2014 9:51 AMReply

    I love the idea of this project and can't not wait to be among its patrons

  • John Smith | March 27, 2014 7:24 PM

    Btw, it's I shall look forward and onwards...

  • John Smith | March 27, 2014 7:21 PM

    Smith u r hilarious!!! This shit right here! Lmao!

  • Smith | February 14, 2014 11:52 AM

    Well said, Danielle! I appreciate this type of specific, sensual enthusiasm. I, too, will be so excited to sit in the audience of this film that I might just slide off my seat with apoplectic joy.

    But-- WAIT one second here, gentle readers. Upon closer inspection, I see that Danielle writes that she "can't NOT wait"! What does that mean, precisely? That she cannot NOT wait? Indeed, that would mean she CAN wait. I am genuinely confused.

    No. With further thought, I have concluded I am merely over-thinking this conundrum. Danielle is genuinely happy for this bit of filmed entertainment, second only in her enthusiasm to mine. I shall took forward and onward to the morrow and Mr. Patrik Polk's narrative opus for continued satisfaction. Tally-ho, all!

  • ArneziB | February 14, 2014 2:11 AMReply

    This movie will inspire!

  • poe | February 13, 2014 9:49 PMReply

    i cannot wait to see this!!!

  • ed g. | February 13, 2014 4:49 PMReply

    she brings it real in this movie i heard

  • beemooree | February 13, 2014 4:44 PMReply

    mo'nique is the truth

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