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Watch First Promo For Season 2 Of Thandie Newton's DirecTV Cop Drama Series 'Rogue'

by Tambay A. Obenson
December 30, 2013 8:56 PM
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Here's a first look, via a brief promo for the upcoming second season of DirecTV's first original series, the crime drama Rogue, which stars Thandie Newton.

DirecTV ordered a second season of the series over the summer, which surprised me, given that reviews for season 1 were generally terrible; but I guess they didn't affect the audience's decision to watch. Although I haven't come across any ratings figures for the first season (it's not clear that the premium service ever released any official numbers). They obviously were good enough for DirecTV to greenlight a season 2. 

All we got was the following: “We are thrilled that our first venture into original programming resonated with our subscribers who enthusiastically tuned into Rogue each week,” said Chris Long, DirecTV’s SVP Entertainment and Production. “We look forward to bringing them another season of Rogue and the chance to experience the next chapter in Grace’s life.

So, like I said, the show's ratings were enough for DirecTV brass to order another season.

A 10-episode second season went into production this past summer for a 2014 debut. 

None of us here at S&A are DirecTV customers, so we haven't seen a single episode of the series' first season.

What I don't understand about DirecTV's marketing/release strategy for it, is why they didn't take a page out of Netflix's House Of Cards playbook, which I think would've drawn more attention to the series, and maybe encouraged more new subscriptions to DirecTV. What Netflix did with House Of Cards was that they released episode 1 of the series online for FREE, for one month, so even if you didn't have a Netflix account, you could still go to their website and watch episode 1 without having to sign up for the service.

DirecTV should maybe have considered a similar strategy. I can't say whether the move benefited Netflix in any way (they haven't really shared much about the impact of the series on their bottomline yet), but if part of DirecTV's intent is to attract new subscribers, by launching its very first own scripted original series, then why not take that chance?

As it stands, only DirecTV customers have seen the series. In this age of binge-watching previous seasons of a show on Netflix, which has helped fuel new interest in veteran series, like Breaking Bad for example, I'm surprised that season 1 of Rogue, isn't available on any of the VOD services - like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes or Hulu.

It's not even on DVD yet; and I couldn't get any home video release info. So even if you wanted to pay to see it, and weren't a DirecTV customer, you won't be able to; at least not legally anyway. If anyone reading this knows something I don't know about the series' availability to non-DirecTV customers, please share.

Like I said, the reviews were mostly terrible. Here's a sample:

From the Los Angeles Times

DirecTV's 'Rogue' is a wreck of a crime drama... Overwrought execution and overextended characters, including Thandie Newton's grim-faced cop, deal the Audience Network drama a death blow.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

In DirecTV's first drama, Thandie Newton comes across more escaped supermodel than undercover cop as she chases implausible Caucasian gangs in Oakland... Ultimately what happens, as Rogue can’t find traction in its story, is that you realize nobody has the necessary magnetism to force a rooting interest. It’s not like Newton is a badass detective. 

From Variety:

“Rogue” is an unfortunately distinctive name for such a me-too crime series — one that mistakes nudity, violence and profanity for edge and daring. DirecTV has cut its teeth with shrewd acquisitions — including the final season of “Damages” and “Hit & Miss” — but this original effort to play in the pay-cable game skews toward the ho-hum, guy-oriented offerings on Cinemax, without quite the unabashed sleaze factor.

The drama series sees Newton starring as an undercover cop, who, in a personal vendetta, comes face to face with a high-profile gangster, after her son is killed in a drive-by shooting.

The series debuted in the spring, earlier this year, and has long run its course.

Maybe season 1 will be made available to non-DirecTV customers before season 2 debuts.

In addition to Newton, the cast includes Marton Csokas, Ian Hart, Claudia FerriJoshua SasseJonathan HolmesSarah JeffreyIan TraceyJarod Joseph, Matthew Beard, and Martin Donovan.

If you're a DirecTV customer, did you watch the entire first season, and if you did, your thoughts?

Here's the new 16-second promo for the upcoming second season:

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  • KEN MORELL | May 28, 2014 10:42 PMReply

    I enjoyed season 1 and am looking forward to season 2. It's a good police drama and certainly beats all of the reality garbage and voice competition shows that infect the major networks. It's an interesting show and Thandie Newton is wonderful. Let the rest of the viewing public drool over The Kardashians and Dancing with the Stars. I'd rather settle back with an exciting show with interesting plot twists any day

  • Kelly Burns | May 24, 2014 8:22 PMReply

    I haven't watched the first season yet, but will be tonight. I PVR'd it and decided tonight was a good night to watch lol. I don't have Direct TV, it played on The Movie Network in Canada.

  • March | May 20, 2014 11:29 AMReply

    This is one of those bad films (or in this case bad series) we love to see. Acting, plot, interactions are so deplorable they are actually fascinating. You keep expecting the actors to break from character and start laughing at themselves, but they keep this really somber, zombi end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it attitude. Haven't seen anything this bad since Charmed. Having said that, one season is enough; too much junk food will kill your brain cells...

  • DJ | May 17, 2014 12:22 PMReply

    Can't believe you're reviewing a show based on someone else's reviews. My husband & I liked this show very much. It really was a bit of fresh air in a wasteland of garbage. Anyone who yearns for TV programming that is not geared for 10 year olds or adults who like the same programming as 10 year olds, would probably love this series. I am sick of watching the same crappy TV shows that are being pushed down my throat because networks are too lazy & afraid to develop shows that are worthy of watching. It's the same garbage over and over with the only difference being the title & the actors they use simply because they're cheap!

  • Matt | May 2, 2014 12:50 AMReply

    I just watched the first season today, it was great. You can't listen to reviews, and honestly this post is so dumb because none of you even watched it. You deserve a bad review, the show is good if you're going to make a page like this then maybe you should know what you're talking about. Dumb.

  • Reb | March 13, 2014 10:51 PMReply

    Loved the first season. Awaiting the second

  • nika | January 3, 2014 2:54 PMReply

    I really enjoyed the 1st season. I am a fan of Thandie Newton & I think she's pretty conbincing in this series as a kinda gritty undercover cop. The dynamics seem real like. I didn't like the trailer for season 2 not enough information, too short! I wanna know whats going on with the otherlady cop, Grace's family, Grace and Jimmy & Jimmy & his son...they could've touched on that some!!

  • SIGA | January 1, 2014 7:00 PMReply


  • Tim | May 28, 2014 9:56 PM

    I bet it would really piss you off if you knew she is actually married to a white man. Damn that must suck for you since all you can seem to see is a skin color issue. You must be stuck on stupid

  • kc | December 31, 2013 10:53 AMReply

    Different strokes for different folks. I loved it, Thandie rocks in this!

  • Freda Ryder | December 30, 2013 10:55 PMReply

    I tried to watch a few episodes, but this show makes me sad, it's so awful. Thandie can be good when she wants to be, but I don't think she's wanted to be in a long time.

  • Mia | December 31, 2013 10:09 AM

    well you didn't try really it seems because that first season was great.. and I'm looking forward to the second but hey if you don't like it.. that's your right.. I'd rather watch this than some reality tv show that's taking over tv these days

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