Shola Lynch

Though I’m just finding out about it now, the C-SPAN interview program, Q & A, hosted by C-SPAN’s founder and former CEO Brian Lamb, featured an interview with filmmaker Shola Lynch, in early May, about her films, her career and her life in general.

Though we already have a really excellent interview with Ms. Lynch that filmmaker Zeinabu irene Davis did exclusively for us (HERE) with Ms. Lynch (director of Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed and Free Angela and All Political Prisoners), this C-SPAN interview is just as good.

In the hour long interview, you’ll get a real sense of Ms. Lynch’s charisma (having met her before, a couple of years ago, I can testify that she’s quite a lively person), her passion for her films and her great sense of humor.

Also, some interesting things about her are revealed, such as, her years as a track and field athlete in college, as well as on the professional circuit, and as a young child making regular appearances on Sesame Street (with an adorable video clip shown as well).