Shola Lynch

I posted this back in June; and if you missed it before, here’s your chance to see it. And if you’ve seen it before, it’s definitely worth another look. And when you think about it, long extensive interviews with filmmakers on TV are a rare thing indeed.

Back in May Free Angela and Free All Political Prisoners filmmaker Shola Lynch, who also directed the terrific 2004 Shirley Chisholm documentary, Chisholm '72 Unbought & Unbossed, did an hour-long interview on the C-SPAN interview program, Q & A, hosted by C-SPAN’s founder and former CEO Brian Lamb, about her films, her career and her life in general.

Though filmmaker Zeinabu irene Davis did a fantastic interview with Lynch exclusively for us (HERE), I think this this C-SPAN interview is just as good.

In the interview, you’ll get a real sense of Ms. Lynch’s charisma (having met her before a couple of years ago, I can testify that she’s quite a lively person), with a real passion for her films and filmmaking, and her absolutely great sense of humor.

Also, some interesting things about her are revealed, such as, her years as a track and field athlete in college, as well as on the professional circuit, and as a young child, making regular appearances on Sesame Street (with an adorable video clip shown as well).