Jennifer Hudson

When I came across this trailer it proved a point I was telling people a few years ago. I just had this feeling, but I predicted that if Jennifer Hudson wasn’t careful, she would be stuck in a rut, playing those “sassy, opinionated best black friend of white people” roles. The kind of role where her character doesn’t have a life outside of worrying about her white friends, and making sure she helps them solve their problems.

She did that in the first Sex in the City movie, and now she’s doing it again as the sassy opinionated nurse in the upcoming indie drama, Lullaby, which comes out in June.

True, she has played other roles, such as Winnie Mandela and the drug addicted mother in The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete and, yes, it’s real tough out there for any black actress to find good roles, but the sassy best friend role seemed to be in the cards for Hudson for some time.

The film, by the way, deals with a young man estranged from his family who finds out that his long very ill father has taken himself off life support, and only has 48 hours to live, and tries to reconnect with them and his father before it’s too late.

Oh yes, Terrence Howard is in it too, playing the caring doctor who is handling the father’s case: