Red Sleep

No doubt America, and the rest of the world in fact, has a long history of medical experimentation racism. The most infamous example is the notorious Tuskegee syphilis experiment, which lasted for 40 years, from 1932  to 1972.

Now a new web series - Red Sleep - starring Chioke Jelani Clanton, written and directed by Andre Welsh for Malicious Pictures, uses this sad history as the inspiration and basis for their series about an escaped prison inmate (Clanton) who makes a deal with a U.S. military drug experiment in exchange for his freedom. After taking on a new identity in Los Angeles, the side effects from the drug and his past catch up with him.

According to Clanton, Red Sleep was “created to shed light on the system of racism and some of the social issues that are symptoms of the system. Topics such as America's long history of medical experimentation on prison inmates…are just a couple of the things that Red Sleep makes commentary on."

Clanton feels that, given the opportunity, web series such as Red Sleep should do more than just entertain, adding that “the viewing audience both white and non-white, should continue to talk about racism so that we can all constructively figure out ways to end racism and replace it with a system of justice."

He further states that artists, filmmakers and web content creators have a responsibility and “should always keep in mind how powerful the visual and performing arts are. We can use our art to spark real strides towards justice, and can be successful at making change come about locally, nationally, and globally if we aggregate and use our collective talent and skills for this constructive purpose."

The series is now being streamed on the - an online subscription service that's offering non-subscribers a chance to view Episode One for free on Monday May 12th. Click HERE to do so.

Watch the new trailer for the series below: