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Watch Octavia Spencer, Lupita Nyong'o, Oprah Winfrey In Hollywood Reporter Awards Season Roundtable Chat

by Tambay A. Obenson
November 25, 2013 5:02 PM
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The Hollywood Reporter continues its roundtable series (an annual affair for the outlet), this time with a group of six actresses in contention this awards season, including Octavia Spencer, Lupita Nyong'o, Oprah WinfreyAmy Adams, Emma Thompson, and Julia Roberts.

It's a candid conversation worth watching, especially considering its inclusion of 3 black actresses in what has been a seemingly banner year for black cinema.

This is the kind of thing (amongst many others) that I'd love to be able to do here at S&A, if we had the access, reach and resources; but, obviously we're not quite there yet. 

In the meantime... moderated by Stephen Galloway and Matthew Belloni, watch THR's hour-long chat with the actresses below; although an hour just isn't enough time with these 6 in the same room together, at the same time:

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  • ALM | November 28, 2013 6:42 PMReply

    Great roundtable.....they could have let the actresses just interview each other without the two guys there, and the roundtable would have been just as good.

    I love the genuineness of the roundtable. Sometimes people in Hollywood give rehearsed answers, but there seemed to have been a lot of honesty here (guards let down).

    I agree with Donella on Emma Thompson, she is hilarious. I love her outfit too.

    Side note....Oprah's hair and nails....gorgeous

  • Donella | November 27, 2013 9:28 PMReply

    I think Emma Thompson's reached that magical age when no f*cks will be given and she's hilarious.

  • Langston | November 26, 2013 9:42 PMReply

    I really enjoyed watching this. It didn't even seem like almost an hour. I hope that all of them score nominations.

  • Alias | November 26, 2013 6:20 PMReply

    @Vivian I agree with everything you said. Especially the fact that the two male moderators were dry and useless. It would have been nice if The Hollywood reporter had put more thought into this and had a female interviewer instead. Oprah's natural abilities as an interviewer completely overshadowed them. And all of the women come across as down-to-earth, genuine, friendly, and engaged.

    Fifty minutes well spent!

  • Ankh Entertainment | November 26, 2013 5:16 PMReply

    Splendid interview.
    Lots of diversity not just in culture, in personalities.
    Loved the way the established actresses, Oprah, Octavia, Emma, Amy gave a big warm and heartfelt welcome to newcomer, Lupita Nyong'o.
    Felt genuine and the interview gave a feeling of sharing heart, mind and acting amongst sisters.

  • Vivian | November 25, 2013 11:46 PMReply

    This was so good! Probably the best roundtable that I have seen. All of the women seemed interested and engaged and what the others were saying and really supportive of one another. There was no sense of one-upmanship that has happened at other roundtables.

    Octavia Spencer is so lovely and reminds me of one of my aunties. She just seems incredibly down-to-earth and I didn't even know she wrote books! I hope she starts writing screenplays too, loved what she had to say about why she chose to do the Murder She Wrote reboot.

    Emma Thompson is hilarious and yet so eloquent. She just knows how to be both witty and entertaining and I agree with Oprah, she would make a great guest at a dinner party.

    Oprah is such a good interviewer, she just can't help herself there wad really no need for the moderators honestly. It was interesting to hear her talk about acting (as we know so much about her personally).

    Julia Roberts is always going to exude movie star quality to me. Even at this roundtable she just comes off like the ultimate movie star. The genuine affection and friendship between her and Oprah is touching and was very clear here (and I have to say I like that Julia is always stepping up in support of black folks and minorities in film).

    Lupita is gorgeous and so smart and thoughtful. It was clear that all of the actresses there were interested in hearing what she had to say and incredibly impressed with her. There is just an air of grace and dignity that surrounds her and she's so gorgeous.

    All around, really lovely.

  • Critical Acclaim | November 25, 2013 10:38 PMReply

    Watched this morning and it is well well worth the 50 minutes. Emma is a hoot. Oprah is such a great interviewer that she helped these poor men's sorry questions to make a worthwhile interview despite themselves. Lupita radiates and ravishes and then tears you up in the end.

  • Marla & Darla | November 25, 2013 10:06 PMReply

    This was lovely.

  • JPugh | November 25, 2013 9:59 PMReply

    I cried 50 times! Loved this!!

  • mo | November 25, 2013 6:47 PMReply

    It won't work!!! I am not able to watch and I am going to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donella | November 25, 2013 6:24 PMReply

    That was fantastic!

  • ALM | November 25, 2013 5:46 PMReply

    I will circle back and watch this later, but I must note that Lupita is beautiful and her skin is gorgeous.

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