Try This Instead

Here’s the first episode of a new satirical websites that premiered yesterday called Try This Instead, which the creator of the series, Cameron Johnson, says he made to give tips to black people on how to keep white people from saying and doing unintentionally (or intentionally, whatever the case may be) racist comments or acts.

As he says, "instead of having a potentially awkward conversation about why they shouldn’t say the n-word, touch your hair without permission, or making nasty Kwanzaa cakes around the holidays, a new web series does it for you."

According to Johnson, the series is aimed to "examine a different micro-aggression, and come up with a ‘solution’ on how to avoid it — like sass-avoidance shock collars or just keeping your hands to yourself.

As for Johnson himself, he is a L.A. based writer, whose half-hour comedy pilot, Me in High School, was a quarter-finalist in the Slamdance screenwriting festival, and his sketch "This is My Breakup" was featured in the 2013 NBC Talent Showcases in New York and Los Angeles.

To check out upcoming episodes, go HERE for the web series website: