Dysfunctional Friends poster

In anticipation of the film's April 3 DVD release, the team from the new film Dysfunctional Friends has released two new video clips. Directed by Corey Grant and produced by Datari Turner, the dramedy is being billed as a black version of The Big Chill.

As a refresher, here's a quick summary of the plot:

The death of a larger-than life friend has reunited a group of college friends who soon learn that their eccentric acquaintance has left behind an equally unconventional will. It states that each of the remaining friends will receive a large sum of money, but only if they can remain - together – in his mansion for one week, without leaving. If one leaves, all will forfeit their inheritance. But this group – formerly close knit – has become unraveled over the past decade. Forced into close, uncomfortable quarters, it isn’t long before secrets and past scandals come out during this extraordinary week, jeopardizing each one’s inheritance – and threatening everyone’s sanity!

Find the clips below:

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