Despite our differences in history, culture and language (black Americans vs blacks in the UK), when it comes black sit-coms, there’s pretty much a commonality, whether it's about African American families or Black British families.

And to prove that point, there’s new a black U.K. web series titled, All About The McKenizes, which was created by 26 year old actor/writer/director Samuell Benta, who also is one of the performers in the series.

Benta says that one of the main reasons why he created the web series “is because most young people (in the U.K.) are watching and listening to American material because there is a “lack” of British entertainment that they can relate to.

Samuell sought to change this by producing, writing and directing McKenizes, “to open doors for the UK cultural scene with the vision of having the show on TV internationally worldwide on multiple networks.

The show has already begun its second season and you can go HERE to the series website to see it.

However you can watch the 8 episodes of Season One below: