Shonda Kerry GLAAD

During a Saturday celebration, Scandal showrunner Shonda Rhimes took home 2 GLAAD Media Awards for "her contributions to LGBT visibility" - a special recognition (the Golden Gate Award), as well as the outstanding drama series award for Grey's Anatomy.

And who better to both fete and hand her the awrd than Kerry Washington, star of Rhimes' latest offereing, Scandal.

Kerry opens up with a heartfelt introduction to Rhimes, running about 6 minutes long, and then Rhimes takes to the stage, and gives her own moving speech, which takes up almost 10 minutes. Of course she talks about the Isaiah Washington kerfuffle. This was the GLAAD Media Awards after all.

There was actually something surreal about watching this; I realized that it's rare for Shonda to appear in public and give rousing speeches like this. She doesn't do many interviews either.

First watch Kerry's intro (and then watch Shonda's acceptance speech underneath):

And here's Shonda: