spike and denzel

Spending my Sunday morning digging through the treasure trove of content that is YouTube, I stumbled upon this great conversation between Spike Lee and Denzel Washington from 2008, in which they reminisce on the 4 projects they'd worked together on as director and actor, and more... including the lack of black executives at the studio level with greenlight power, Denzel realizing that his stock was starting to drop (interesting that he saw this even back then) and his desire to quit acting and strictly direct (maybe all this explains some of the the uninspired projects he's been taking on lately; maybe, as I suggested previously, he's just not getting the scripts that we think he's getting).

They also talk about whether or not blacks in Hollywood had made progress back then, as well as the lack of roles for black women. 

At the end of the chat, Spike expresses his hope that they work together again soon. That was in 2008. 4 years have passed since then; 6 years since their last film together. Let's hope we see another Denzel/Spike teaming sooner than later.

It's a good watch and just over 10-minutes long: