Adrien Sauvage

Adrien Sauvage is a young Ghanian-born British stylist, designer and photographer. His label is ironically titled “This is not a Suit” (ironic because he specializes in suits, like that other Ghanaian British designer, Ozwald Boateng). 

The below short film/campaign titled "The Art Of DE" (or Dressing Easy) was created, co-written, co-directed and stars Sauvage himself. He’s usually directly responsible for his ad campaigns, I read. 

But I really dig this… it’s, for lack of a better phrase, cool! I love the simplicity of it (though also effective), as well as the black & white cinematography (I'm a sucker for black & white film, especially today, when it's so very rarely used).

This immediately made me think of Jorgen Leth’s short film "The Perfect Human," which I also included below.

Here’s Sauvage’s short film/ad (underneath it is Leth’s "The Perfect Human" if you haven’t seen it).