Smoke and Mirrors

Here is the penultimate, that is the next to the last episode, Episode 11 of the comedy/drama relationship web series Smoke and Mirrors, created by Atlanta based filmmakers Artemus Jenkins and KarynRose Bruyning.

With only one more episode left, I have to say, as I did last time, that the series definitely does intrigue me and hopefully you were as well. I like the fact that it does have its own quirky, sort of off kilter vibe and that’s a good thing.

And this is not the end when this web series is over. Jenkins (who by the way has his own website HERE) says that he and Bruyning have some new projects that they are currently working on that they are very excited about.

In this episode, according to Artemus, “insecurities, poor decision making and straight up stupidity catch up to everyone at some point. Now the question is will Dixon be able to overcome this trifecta and salvage his relationship with the woman he loves?"

Jenkins is starring in the series which are written and directed by Bruyning.