The 4th Meeting

Chicago based filmmaker Joshua MacNeal has a particular goal in mind; as he says, he wants to make films that portray “an underrepresented black experience: conflict that stems from internal rather than external factors."

Currently in development of a new feature film - a crime thriller Urbs in Horto - MacNeal has a previously made film now making the film festival circuit called The 4th Meeting, which deals with a young woman who has survived an accident in which her husband was killed. As a result, she starts attending  group counseling for survivor's guilt in order to confront the circumstances surrounding his death. However, when she invites her younger sister to move in with her, “her attempts to counter loneliness only make her more isolated."

Obviously a psychological study of a woman on the brink.

MacNeal says that his reason for making this film was mainly because black people "are typically marginalized, and when they are used their characters' central conflicts are external: economic  or racial oppression. While these characters are in no way illegitimate, they should not be the only roles available to Black actors, or characters viewed by mainstream audiences."

He continues to say that: "These characters do not show the many facets of black culture and experience… Like any other culture, Blacks are faced with career decisions, marital issues, and self-consciousness.  We keep hearing that emotional experiences are universal, but mainstream cinema would show otherwise."

Take a look at the trailer below for The 4th Meeting

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