Adots Apprentice

Check out this trailer for British writer/director Sebastian Thiel's upcoming 4-part web series, Adots Apprentice, which is a parody of Mark Burnett's The Apprentice reality TV show franchise, which originated in the USA, and has since seen versions in other parts of the world, including the UK. 

Sebastian Thiel
Sebastian Thiel

Theil's web series spook is backed by Elevation Networks and UpShot TV and is co-written by Dionne Reid & Babatunde Aleshe.

The cast includes: Afolabi DasaoluKevin GaryMichael SalamiAndrew AprakuSophie MillerMelissa PerryMarlon KamekaBen Fawcett, and more.

Last year, we featured Thiel's spoof of the comedy cult classic Friday (the Chris Tucker, Ice Cube movie) titled Friday UK.

Watch the trailer for his UK Apprentice spoof below: