Four Seasons

Yes they are popping up like daisies everywhere aren’t they?

But here’s your first look at the upcoming romantic comedy Four Seasons, directed by Chicago based filmmaker Christopher Nolen (no that’s Nolen, not to be confused with Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight movie fame).

No Christian Bale is not in the movie, but it does stars Robin Givens, Jazsmin Lewis, Keith Robinson, Christian Keyes, Mel Jackson, Laila Odom, Amanda Grace Marcheschi, Meredith Rae Lyons, Harold Dennis, Prinses Hemphill, Tiffany Torrence-Davis and Nolen himself.

The film deals with Xavier Lamar Jackson (played by Robinson), a 36 year old player who is "almost" ready to settle down and get married.

However, to make his decision easier, he decides to date a different woman each season, choosing one of them to marry within a year.

Here’s the trailer: