Men In Black 3 -1

I don't think this needs much of an intro, so I won't bother; although I'll admit that I'm not at all keen on seeing this. I dunno... it just feels like a completely unecessary part 3, and maybe a little too late. Keep in mind that the last film in the franchise, Men In Black 2, was released 10 years ago, in 2002. 

5 years past between the first and the second. 

Will I see it; probably. But there just isn't much excitement for me, leading up to it. But I'm sure it'll make a shitload of money.

Here's a clip from the next installment in the successful Men In Black franchise, Men In Black III, which will be in theaters this summer - Will Smith's first big screen appearance since 2008!

Will see whether Will's absence from screens for 4 years will affect his box office appeal... if at all. I say probably not - at least not with this film, which already has its audience hooked, given that it's the 3rd in an already immensely successful series.

Look for it in theaters on May 25th, in 3D.