Un-ruly - Hair

First, for some background on, and context for the project, here's a description from the team behind it - un'ruly, the self-described youthful, yet sophisticated lifestyle brand, housed at un-ruly.com, that's also a community resource focused on hair styles, care and products for black women.

Whether it’s 7-year old Tiana Parker getting sent home from school for wearing locs or Dante De Blasio’s afro being credited for giving his father a boost in the New York City mayoral race, Black hair is consistently subject to unsolicited fascination. As the final extension of a bold public art exhibit held in New York City this summer, You Can Touch My Hair, a Short Film takes a glimpse into this fascination and how black women, who are often its subjects, feel about it.

The 22-minute short film can be viewed below in 2 separate parts. And following them is a 25-minute panel discussion about the film's contents, also split into 2 parts, featuring Michaela Angela Davis, Autumn McHugh, and Un'ruly founder Antonia Opiah, which was moderated by Safiya Songhai.


And here's the panel discussion: