Here's a clip (courtesy of from that 50 Cent/Bruce Willis/Ryan Phillippe teaming that I know you all have been waiting anxiously for, titled Set Up.

The heist film, written and directed by Mike Gunther, was produced under the 10-picture, $200 million agreement that Jackson and his Cheetah Vision production company have with George Furla's Hedge Fund Film Partners.

Setup centers on a group of friends who find themselves in the middle of a deadly diamond heist. There's some double-crossing and some other stuff that happens.

No surprise that it's a straight to DVD/Blu-ray release, though Fiddy says that's cool, 'cause he's making serious bank of these home video titles, so eff you!

The film will be released on both formats, as well as on VOD and as a digital download, on September 20th.

Watch the clip below, and the poster and red-band trailer underneath: