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Watch 90-Minute Pilot Episode Of Queen Latifah-Produced VH1 Series "Single Ladies"

by Tambay A. Obenson
May 31, 2011 1:15 AM
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So... did anyone watch this last night? The 90-minute pilot episode of the new Queen Latifah-produced original scripted VH1 series called Single Ladies that serves as an introduction to what will be a weekly series to follow later, in July.

The dramedy centers on a group of best friends with different philosophies on sex and relationships, set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity, with Lisa Raye & Stacey Dash, Lauren London and others starring.

VH1 already ordered 8 episodes to start, with inevitable comparisons being made to HBO’s Sex In The City.

I didn't watch it; I don't have cable; but, luckily, VH1 made the entire 90-minute pilot episode available to view online, for those who missed it last night. I watched about 20 minutes of it, and had to shut it off! Not for me apparently. But I'm sure it has its audience.

I'll try to watch the whole thing, so that I can critique it armed with info.

Watch it below:

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  • Kell | July 5, 2011 1:46 AMReply people are hard to please. These women are beautiful, single and making their way in the world. Why would you hate?! I guess watching a non script show, like basketball wives, is your cup of tea. This is nonsense, the show is nice. You have a group of women not calling each other bitches or tossing a glass of water on each other, for once, on a show. The gay is portrayed in a nice light, I have plenty of gay friends, and yes they are happy with the show,

  • CareyCarey | June 1, 2011 12:46 PMReply

    The curtain opens on Shadow and Act’s broadway production. There’s a buzz in the house because it’s been said that no holds will be barred.

    Carey: Hey JMac, did you watch that Queen Latifah thang last night?

    JMac: If you’re talking about that nasty ass Stacey Dash and the rest of them cum yums, no I did not!

    Carla: Sorry yawl, I overheard your conversation and, Ok, i could only make it through 1:20…. of that drama.

    JMac: There ya go, why have a series with a couple of has beens who know one really cares about or can’t (and don’t want to) relate with?

    * A few more S & A visitors stroll by *

    Paulah: I say give it a chance and see what develops. Always complaining, never satisfied. This show gets my vote.

    JMac: *whispering* “look at that sistah’s weave, I see why she’s down with those ragmuffins, my god, that thing looks like it stinks and could fly away”

    Juney: I am tired of you broke asses talking shit about filmmakers. What are you doing with your life? All this talking, but not walking! Typical Niggerish Behavior!

    Tamara: *with sheepish look* I should’ve known better.

    Adam Scott Thompson: Bump that Juney, sit you ass down, Non-blacks must think that all we do besides work (if that) is try to hump each other’s brains out—then talk endlessly about it.

    Paulah: I happened to like it. It;s hip ,smart, sexy and mature.

    Misha: Yeah, riiight, LisaRaye is a thieving video chick? :|

    Masha Dowell: Y’all ain’t talking about nothing, I enjoyed it and I will be watching it to the end.

    Lee: YEAH, everything does not have to be an intellectual masterpiece.

    B: ATL is black gay capital - and Queen Latifah is queer, and she couldn’t insist on having one lesbian or bisexual female character in a show about sex in ATL?

    Carey: *whispering to JMac* Big B done opened the flood gates. Here comes True and his cough”man”cough.

    True: I Like the show, will continue to watch. All the ladies are lovely.

    TJ: * Kissing True* Hold up baby, let daddy handle this one. DAMN must we black gay men always be stereotypical in media & entertainment! We are always over-sexed, loud & flamboyant, DL, and whatever else! I’m not sure whether or not I will continue to watch the show or not!

    Juney: Niggerish. Niggerish, NIGGER-LICORICE

    illthoughts: I admit I didn’t watch. I thought to myself here we go again. Sex craved, money hunting women. Really?

    Lynn: I’m with you illthoughts *pausing to think... what kind of goddamn name is that?* Y’all can call me a hater but i don’t want see anything resembling Tyler Perry’s work.

    Adam Scott Thompson: This reminds me of “Gremlins” except with coons multiplying.

    Tambay: Who are you calling a coon? Watch yourself, JMac is in here! As I pointed out in my write-up, there’s quite a bit of sex in the film - hetero, homo, solo, interracial, incestuous, and whatever else I’ve let out

    Sergio: *grinning like Mr Brown* OH YEAH, MY MAN TAMBAY, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT. The freaky, with whatever else!

    MiddleMyatt: The women are indeed beautiful, and the hair is all really cool. but the acting is horrendous, inexcusably bad. I’ll remain optimistic, though.

    Audra: Me too, overall I enjoyed it. I will watch more. Thanks for showcasing these beautiful natural sistas!

    Kia: I’d watch only for the hair and the bumpin’ and grinding’

    RB: Yo. could y’all take a look at my web series and feature it please,

    *everyone just looks... like “WTH” was that?*

    AccidentalVisitor: See, you guys are missing the point. Hollywood will continue to dish out more panned sequels because the audience keep demonstrating they will flock to them no matter how awful the films are.

    Carey: **Whispering to JMac** I knew Carlton was going to spoil all the funny. We do flock to dumb shit and then cry about how dumb it is.

    Sergio: Excuse me, I don’t want to get too far off the topic, but there’s that scene that’s still seared in my memory - that of an oiled-up, bare-chested, buffed up dude, practicing with his long gun. I hope they don’t have that shit in there!

    Cherish: On that Topic. I also was a little disappointed when I saw Lisa Ray and the girls trying to give away all their Posse. Was looking forward to seeing those actors but spare me the hot pants.

    Morgan Freeman: Y’all need to get over that shit

    Monique: Now Morgan, I’m not here to chastise anyone over their opinions but …
    are you “Clicking and Clacking” too?
    There are too many factors to be weighed.
    Should we refrain from talking about the genocides in Rwanda and Sudan, not to mention the ongoing struggles of the Sudanese because Jewish people faced a similar genocide during War War II and their own ongoing struggles?

    Everybody: WHAT??!!

    This topic is closed, unless you have something empowering to add.

    **The curtain falls**

  • CareyCarey | June 1, 2011 9:42 AMReply

    Cherish, somebody said if you're not being talked about (mocked in this case) you're not doing a damn thang.... or something like that.

    In my little piece, I tried to use only those whose post's I've read in the past and came to a conclusion that they would take in this in the humorous manner in which it was intended. If I thought a person would bite and holler, I left them alone. So yeah, when you least expect it, you were elected, you WERE A STAR TODAY.

    Blu Topaz, you know you my girl and I tried to get you in there, but I couldn't find a fit. I had to find some loose lips to fit this ship.

    And Tamara, I had to hold back on you. :-) Yep, after I saw you drolling over that freaky deaky Bassbender guy, I said, "ut oh" she's going to be the star of my next production. *LOL*

    And I knew JMac was down for the clown, she's rode with me before. And I had to get her and Mr Thompson on the same page.

    In short, I just wanted to put a smile on what we do up in here. Sometimes we agree, and many time we don't. And sometimes the topics start off talking about a great film feat, and end up talking about somebodies stankin' Athlete's Feet. And it's all good and everybody is "right" if you ask them.

  • Cherish | June 1, 2011 7:35 AMReply

    Wow, I made it into Carey's play.

    I'm honored, I think...

    Hmm, should I be?

    Well, if being mocked means I'm part of the family, that's cool with me :-)

  • JMac | June 1, 2011 4:35 AMReply

    Carey, you're such a nut! :P When are you going to unveil your secret project here? Looking forward to it.

  • class of fitness | June 1, 2011 3:58 AMReply

    the women who made the show, is 'STACY LITTLEJOHN she is the one who wrote the screenplay. and queen latifah produced it.

  • BluTopaz | June 1, 2011 3:45 AMReply

    Carey you are truly out of your damn mind (plz take that as a compliment)

    LMAO --esp "Everybody: WHAT??!!" I've never read a thread synopsis that was more entertaining than the thread.

  • Tamara | June 1, 2011 3:40 AMReply

    CareyCarey you are hilarious. Thanks for the chuckles!

  • TJ | June 1, 2011 3:14 AMReply

    @B: YeS! She is the Producer. This is her money backing the show! The black women should have been shown in a different light and possessed real diversity amongst their characters! You are a member of the LGBT community yet not one witty lesbian on the show and the you put your money behind this show representing your people (black lgbt - particularly the gay dude on the show) in this fashion! Queen Latifah lost ALOT of points with me on this one!

  • B | June 1, 2011 3:00 AMReply

    @TJ: I agree. So stereotypical, on all levels. We always present gay black men the same way. And we queer black women are generally just invisible, no where to be found. I share your disappointment with Latifah.

  • illthoughts | June 1, 2011 2:34 AMReply

    I agree with most of these posts but I admit I didn't watch. I saw a lot of the promos and thought to myself here we go again. Sex craved, money hunting women. Really? Why can't we have black women in shows like THE CLOSER, THE BIG C? You know something intelligent or real people dealing with real things? Someone posted all our shows can't be artistic and intelligent, well that is true but none of these current shows are artistic or intelligent.

  • TJ | June 1, 2011 2:25 AMReply

    My main gripe with the show is the black gay character. I think his name is Omar or Roman! He is a co-worker and a good friend of Val as well as the other two ladies.

    I was disgusted that his character is nothing more but "stereotypical black gay"! He is a SLUT! Who doesn't even remember the number of partner's he has been with! Oh! And he's always trying to catch, entice, pull the "straight boys"! I cringed so mothafucking hard! Like, WHY?!

    How come he couldn't be intelligent, not a slut, honest friend! Someone who has integrity and has self-respect. Queen Latifah, who is a lesbian, should have not been ok with this airing. I know drama is good but DAMN must we black gay men always be stereotypical in media & entertainment! We are always over-sexed, loud & flamboyant, DL, and whatever else! I'm not sure whether or not I will continue to watch the show or not!

  • true | June 1, 2011 1:50 AMReply

    Like the show, will continue to watch. All the ladies are lovely.

  • B | June 1, 2011 1:36 AMReply

    One last thing:

    I don't think everything we make has to be intellectual and mind-blowing and about problems we face. But I just think we should at least try to make shows that have some originality, rather than just trying to copy a white show (that wasn't even good in the first place). There was nothing all that intellectual and whatnot about Living Single, but it was good...because it was rather original, because the women seemed real, because there was diversity amongst the characters.

    On this show, like every other show nowadays, every character is practically the same. And all the focus is on money, how good they look, clothes, sex. It's like everybody's walking around trying to be a model (even the men) rather than a three-dimensional character. These characters are about as one dimensional as they get.

    Okay, end rant. Thanks for posting this, Tambay!

  • B | June 1, 2011 1:26 AMReply

    Okay, I apologize for my long-windedness:

    1. First of all, I knocked Sex and the City (I fucking hated that show, and was very vocal about it), so don't make some argument about how we shouldn't knock this show because nobody knocked Sex and the City. Plenty of black women I know despised Sex and the City and didn't hold back blasting it.

    2. If all we can do, as black women and filmmakers, is copy some lackluster white tv show like Sex and the City, we are in a real mess - culturally and artistically.

    3. I actually like Lisa Raye's character, at least more than the others. Her character is the only one that seems kind of real to me, maybe because I know so many females like her. Although, dear Jesus, I wish she'd take that tacky ass weave off her head. I'm sure she's very pretty without it.

    4. Not to go on about the good old days, but this show makes me miss the days of Living Single and Waiting to Exhale (and I'm only 26 years old, wasn't even old enough to truly experience these two gems), when we could talk about black women's problems on a real level: our problems with obesity and single motherhood (Loretta Devine's character), with being single and supporting our parents as the government neglects them in old age (Whitney Houston's character), our problems with being professional black women in a mostly white professional world (Maxine on Living Single). I miss the days when we could be quirky (Sinclair from Living Single) and sexy-classy (Whitney from WTE and Regine from Living Single) plain old homegirls (like Khadijah from Living Single). Now, it seems all we can be is sexy-desperate-slutty carbon copies. I'm not saying that WTE didn't leave a lot to be desired - it watered down all the social commentary of the book. Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about Living Single - it was perfect. But the women's personal problems in Single Ladies are just vapid and vain. Lisa Raye's character has some class (despite being a video vixen), but she's not a very good actress seemingly, so I find myself disappointed.

    5. Okay, the white girl? She just annoys me. No diss. But this is the shit Dave Chappelle complained about: why we have to always whiten our shows to get them on air these days? Why do we just have to have the white girl character? (Not saying black girls don't hang out with white girls, because I do. But she throws off the balance, imo).

    6. When will we stop our (Americans, I mean) obsession with the rich and fabulous? They are so tired - and so fucking boring. Shows were so much more interesting when they weren't ALL focused on the rich and fabulous. I'm just saying. Our materialism as Americans is slowly (or maybe has completely) killed our creativity.

    7. This show truly leaves much to be desired. ATL is black gay capital - like Lipstick Lesbian capital, next to DC, as far as black queer women are concerned, and Queen Latifah (one of the producers, is queer, or so it seems from those pics way back when and the fact that she didn't deny it) and she couldn't insist on having one lesbian or bisexual female character in 2011 in a show about women and sex in ATL? Surely, with her clout, she could've made that happen if she wanted to. I'm really disappointed with her.

    On the whole, I just don't know if I'll watch another episode of this show. I want to support black actors and actresses, and producers, etc., but this shit is just weak. I'm sayin...

  • Darkan | May 31, 2011 11:15 AMReply

    Agreed @ Carla. Lisa Raye hurts my eyes and her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. That is one no talented woman. It makes you wonder how?!?

  • lee | May 31, 2011 9:58 AMReply

    Definitely DVR worthy. I will be watching it. Everything does not have to be an intellectual masterpiece.

  • Masha Dowell | May 31, 2011 8:02 AMReply

    It had a weak opening, but I enjoyed the rest of the show and I will be watching it to the end.

  • misha | May 31, 2011 6:25 AMReply

    Well, Sex and the City it ain't but I don't think it's as bad as some are saying. Ok, I was gonna give up on it after about 10 minutes (lol) but I stuck around and thought it got better in the second hour. The best thing about the show is the relationship between Keisha (LisaRaye) and Malcolm (DB Woodside). They're interesting to watch together. But LisaRaye as a thieving video chick? :| I'm going to keep watching to see where the story goes with those two but the writers have got to do better.

  • paulah | May 31, 2011 5:41 AMReply

    I happened to like it. It;s hip ,smart, sexy and mature. I've already keyed it in for the series to tape. I see a lot of possibilities as to where this show can go. Nobody criticized Sex and the City, In fact, they praised it. So why are we so quick to always blast our own? i say give it a chance and see what develops. Always complaining, never satisfied. This show gets my vote. I'd rather watch this than BB Wives, Love and Hip Hop RHOA, The Braxtons, etc. Too much over the top drama. Same types of situations, just different people.

  • Tamara | May 31, 2011 5:21 AMReply





    but I should've known better.

  • Carla | May 31, 2011 5:13 AMReply

    Ok, i could only make it through 1:20....

  • JMac | May 31, 2011 4:15 AMReply

    Didn't watch and won't watch. Can't stand Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash should've stayed under whatever rock she crawled out of. Why have a series with a couple of has beens who know one really cares about or can't (and don't want to) relate with?

    Since everyone's doing remakes bring back Living Single.

  • Adam Scott Thompson | May 31, 2011 3:21 AMReply

    Non-blacks must think that all we do besides work (if that) is try to hump each other's brains out -- then talk endlessly about it.


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