Tahir Jeter - whose short film Close (a 2011 Sundance Film Festival selection), has been highlighted previously on this site - is fundraising for his next film titled A Reasonable Doubt, which is a Fractured Atlas-sponsored project.

Tahir is trying to raise just over $12,000 in the next 81 days! Sounds like quite a feat, but certainly not impossible.

What's the film about?

Well... its IndieGogo page descries it as follows: "a moral drama that centers around a young policeman's struggle to act justly when he comes to believe that his superior has a vendetta against a suspect he's been ordered to interrogate."

There's a lot more on the project's IndieGoGo page, which you can access HERE.

But, as an way of selling the project, and himself (almost quite literally) Tahir put together the below video titled Indisputable Swagger; clearly, the kid is desperate, so help a brotha out!! :)

Visit the film's IndieGogo page now, and chip in!