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Weekend B.O. April 18-20 (Depp Tanks)

Box Office
by Sergio
April 20, 2014 12:16 PM
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For a film that clearly thinks it is very profound and way ahead of the curve, Transcendence is surprisingly retrograde. It recycles ideas and concepts from countless sci-fi films such as Donovan’s Brain, to Frankenstein, to Colossus: The Forbin Project, to 2001, to Andromeda Strain, to even Her which, of course, was made around the same time as Transcendence. And after all is said and done, the ultimate message you get is that, technology is bad. Ho hum.

And it seems that whatever box office fire Johnny Depp used to have is fading fast. Are audiences getting bored with him? Maybe audiences don’t like to see him playing a normal guy? Or maybe because most of the time in the film, he’s just a face on a giant computer screen, and not a flesh and blood person that people can connect with. Whatever it was, audiences weren’t lining up see his new film this weekend, which came in fourth with just over $11 million.

Heaven is for Real, co-produced by T.D. Jakes - which was expected to make a real challenge for the No 1 slot this weekend, considering the popularity of the book, its mid-week Weds opening and that faith-based movies have been doing very well of late - came in third, with a very solid $28 million, for a five-day total.

And Marlon Wayans’ A Haunted House 2, which, not surprisingly, was not screened to the media in advance,  came in with $9 million.

So it was left to last week’s No. 1 and No. 2 films - Captain America: The Winter Solider and Rio 2 - once again, being No. 1 and No 2, in that order, this weekend, with Captain America doing $26.6 million, and Rio following up with $22,5 million.

1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier BV $26,612,000  Total: $201,526,000  
2) Rio 2 Fox $22,500,000 Total: $75,363,000 
3) Heaven is for Real TriS $21,500,000 Total: $28,500,000
4) Transcendence WB $11,150,000
5) A Haunted House 2 ORF $9,100,000 
6) Draft Day LG/S $5,900,000  Total:$19,548,000 
7) Divergent LG/S $5,750,000 Total: $133,915,000 
8) Oculus Rela. $5,202,000 Total: $21,191,000 
9) Noah Par. $5,000,000 Total: $93,274,000 
10) God's Not Dead Free $4,801,000 Total: $48,327,000 
11) Bears BV $4,774,000 
12) The Grand Budapest Hotel FoxS $3,425,000 Total: $44,967,000  
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  • Brook | April 20, 2014 8:17 PMReply

    Depp's the only reason I saw this film since sci-fi isn't my thing. Running high-action fantasy trailers like Godzilla, Spiderman & Xmen in front of this more intellectual, quieter film didn't help audience reception. I think we need to take a look at a certain contingent of critics who seem to have gone out of their way to trash Depp's films. While a few of his most recent films haven't done as well as expected at the box office, they were far from the worst of their respective years, even though their RT scores reflect that.

  • LeonRaymond | April 20, 2014 1:18 PMReply

    Depp has been over rated and over hyped for so long and now reality is setting in. And the Director had an agenda and axe to grind -Go and watch the Keanu Reeves doc on Digital Film making and that same director states of Digital Technology "I AM NOT GOING TO TRADE MY OIL PAINTS FOR A SET OF CRAYONS" sounds to me like an axe to grind and everybody got caught up in the mix and the end result was a huge Blockbuster with out substance. Once again for everybody like us real indie film makers STORY IS KING digital technology is a tool way down the ladder after the story is awesome!!!

  • Carl | April 20, 2014 4:52 PM

    The last two movies Depp has been in were crap, nothing to do with him. A-List actors are in bad movies sometimes just like Denzel, Will Smith and any other actor in the biz. If you claim to know story is king, you should know that.

    But hey, its a successful white male actor so let's get happy and pass out hand jobs. Score for indie black filmmakers it has jack shit to do with us. Leon have a damn seat. Again you sound naive.

  • Shut up | April 20, 2014 2:46 PM

    Depp is an amazing talent and he would have not lasted 30 years if he was not such a great actor.

    Every actor has flops and misfires from now to the . It happens to everyone. Don't be so happy because he could easily make a comeback.

  • Ava | April 20, 2014 1:00 PMReply

    "Transcendence" looked very unoriginal from the trailers alone. Why did Depp and Pfister believe that they had something freshly profound? But I wonder if Depp has ever really been a major box office draw. Outside of the "Pirate Of The Caribbean" movies (whose success one could argue isn't entirely because Depp is in them), most of his movies haven't been blockbusters, nor profitable. Mainly the ones in which he's a cooky kind of character do well. It gets worse when he plays it straight. He looses a lot of his audience it seems. Of course it doesn’t help that the film is getting terrible reviews. It's almost like Tyler Perry's problem. When he's playing Madea, his movies do well. When he's playing it straight, they bomb.

  • Ava | April 20, 2014 4:00 PM

    I beg to differ. Finding Neverland, Donnie Brasco, Chocolat were absolutely not blockbuster movies. Check the box office for each. And to say that the Pirates movies were "only" successful because of him is a stretch. Based on what facts? Sleepy Hollow, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and Alice In Wonderland were all based on existing very popular literary material, plus they had already been made as films in the past, all of which made a big difference in each case. There's also the fact that each, including Pirates, were ensemble casts, with tons of special effects. And also Tim Burton directed some of them and he also has his fan base. Johnny Depp wasn't the reason for their successes. If he's such a "huge draw" then how do you account for bombs like The Lone Ranger, The Rum Diary, The Tourist, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Secret Window, From Hell, Blow, and so on. Nobody is saying he isn't a talented actor. There's no question about that. The question is whether he's a real box office draw, and the facts repute that.

  • LOL | April 20, 2014 2:49 PM

    The Pirates movies were only successful because of him and he's had huge hits outside of the franchise. Sleepy Hollow, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Alice In Wonderland, Finding Neverland, Donnie Brasco, Chocolat, etc. He's a huge draw and probably the only reason why this movie is making money.

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