Oblivion proves once again the importance of the overseas market. The film opened this week at No. 1, as expected, with $38 million more than the $30 million projected number that was predicted. However the film also raked in, in the foreign territories where it opened last week, some $112 million.

Even executives at Universal publicity admitted that's the main reason why Tom Cruise was cast in the film and why he remains a major A-list star; despite his shaky reputation with the American public due to a controversial and "weird" private life, he's still very popular overseas.

All of which guarantees that there will always be a market for his pictures as proven with his previous film Jack Reacher, which grossed $80 million domestically, but another $136.5 million overseas.

And that's why anyone who still thinks that the U.S. box office alone is the measure of success is looking at it very myopically.

42 held well for a second place spot, making $18 million this weekend with just over $54 million total to date. At this rate, the film seems assured to make easily $75-80 million at the box office domestically, and perhaps more than that.

1) Oblivion Uni. $38,152,000
2) 42 WB $18,025,000 Total: $54,057,000
3) The Croods Fox $9,500,000 Total:$154,898,000
4) Scary Movie 5 W/Dim. $6,296,000 Total:$22,944,000
5) G.I. Joe: Retaliation Par. $5,775,000 Total: $111,211,000
6) The Place Beyond the Pines Focus $4,746,000 Total: $11,448,000
7) Olympus Has Fallen FD $4,500,000 Total: $88,801,000
8) Evil Dead TriS $4,100,000 Total: $48,445,000
9) Jurassic Park 3D Uni. $4,008,000 Total: $38,479,000
10) Oz The Great and Powerful BV $3,048,000 Total: $223,770,000
11) Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor LGF $2,200,000 Total: $48,864,000