Sin City

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but was there some sort of insatiable demand for another "Sin City" movie?

The first one released in 2005 wasn’t what one would call a huge box office smash, but it did make a profit and was a genuine visual stunner. But unless I’m mistaken, it never even developed any sort of massive cult following.

But after nine years, The Weinstein Co. thought it was a good idea (or a desperate one)  to make another one with Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez behind the camera, and this time in 3D. The problem is that no one was really interested in seeing it.

True that these are, as I said in my box office report last week, the dog days of summer of late August and early September when studios usually dump films they feel are of questionable box office interest. But "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" was thought to do, at least, reasonably well this week.

It didn’t by a long shot.

Grossing under $6.5 million in 8th place, the $70 million budgeted film is looking  to be the biggest financial flop so far in Weinstein Co. history. Though the somewhat good news is that the company did not finance the film totally by itself, but through a group of separate investors and production companies. Though none of them can be too pleased at the results, and for sure there isn’t going to be another "Sin City" movie ever again.

The film got beaten by an $11 million sappy teenage romance, "If I Stay," which came in second with $16 million. But the real surprise is the resurgence of "Guardians of the Galaxy." The film roared back into first place with just under $18 million this weekend and almost $252 million to date, and it's nearing the half billion mark worldwide. It seems that what was being called "Marvel Films' biggest gamble" is paying off for them.

Meanwhile, "The Expendables 3" is completely out of gas. The very modestly budgeted "Let’s Be Cops" has turned into a genuine late summer sleeper hit, and Richard Linklater’s film "Boyhood" is the biggest grossing art house release so far this year.

1) Guardians of the Galaxy BV $17,631,000 Total: $251,884,000
2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Par. $16,800,000 Total:$145,610,000
3) If I Stay WB $16,355,000
4) Let's Be Cops Fox $11,000,000 Total: $45,246,000
5) When the Game Stands Tall TriS $9,000,000
6) The Giver Wein. $6,730,000 Total: $24,101,000
7) The Expendables 3 LGF $6,600,000 Total: $27,519,000 -
8) Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For W/Dim. $6,477,000
9) The Hundred-Foot Journey BV $5,562,000 Total: $32,750,000
10) Into The Storm WB $3,800,000 Total: $38,301,000
11) Lucy Uni. $3,536,000 Total: $113,771,000
12) Boyhood IFC $1,864,000 Total: $16,526,000