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Weekend B.O. February 28 - March 2 (It’s Neeson Vs. Jesus)

Box Office
by Sergio
March 2, 2014 12:19 PM
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No surprise that Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, who’s well into the second wind of his career now as an action star, was the No. 1 film this weekend.

However, some box office pundits said that Son of God, which is a drastically shortened and re-edited 130-minute version of that 10-hour, The History Channel’s The Bible miniseries, which was a massive ratings success a year ago (and with that controversial Satan/Obama lookalike discreetly removed), would give Non-Stop a run for its money, and it did, coming in second with $26 million.

And for those of you who didn’t know that Lupita Nyong’o appears in a small role in Non-Stop, Vulture was kind enough to list all her scenes in the film, so you don’t have to bother braving the elements outside to see it (read Vulture's piece HERE). Spoiler: No, she doesn’t get killed Thank God.

The Lego Movie, after sitting on the No. 1 perch for the last three weeks, dropped down to No.3, with $21 million, and with over $206 million to date. However, About Last Night is fading fast.

Frozen has now reached the $1 billion mark worldwide, and, for those of you out there still counting, 12 Years a Slave has now passed the $50 million mark domestically, and has grossed $129 million worldwide, and is set to open in Japan this week.

Since the film will no doubt win some Oscars tonight, it will be interesting to see what kind of an "Oscar bump" it will get this week and next weekend.

1) Non-Stop Uni. $30,019,000 
2) Son of God Fox $26,500,000 
3) The LEGO Movie WB $21,015,000 Total: $209,325,000 
4) The Monuments Men Sony $5,000,000 Total: $65,690,000 
5) 3 Days to A Kill Rela. $4,900,000 Total: $20,701,000 
6) RoboCop Sony $4,500,000 Total: $51,210,000 
7) Pompeii TriS $4,300,000 Total: $17,740,000  
8) Frozen BV $3,611,000 Total: $388,736,000  
9) About Last Night SGem $3,400,000 Total: $43,750,000 
10) Ride Along Uni. $3,065,000 Total: $127,189,000 
11) American Hustle Sony $1,930,000 Total: $146,710,000 
12) Endless Love Uni. $1,658,000 Total: $22,321,000 
Box Office
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