"Fruitvale Station"
The Weinstein Company "Fruitvale Station"

That loud sigh of relief you hear is from Fox executives relaxing after finding out that The Wolverine didn’t turn out to be another summer film box office bust, making an estimated $55 million. Though some predictions had the film opening with $70 million, no doubt Fox is happy with what they got.

(Personally I can’t get used to a movie character with those ridiculous mutton chops sideburns unless he’s a Civil War general)

Last week’s No.1 film, The Conjuring, is holding string at No.2 this weekend, heading for an eventual final tally of around the $130 million range.

But the more notable news is that Fruitvale Station cracked the top ten B.O. list this weekend, coming in at No.10.

The film, which opened in just over 1,000 theaters this weekend, grossed $4,657,000, with a total, so far, of just over $6 million.

And finally it’s interesting to note that Grown Ups 2 has now grossed more domestically than the much hyped Pacific Rim. Maybe next time Guillermo del Toro will have Adam Sandler in his next film:

1) The Wolverine Fox $55,000,000 
2) The Conjuring WB $22,130,000 Total: $83,867,000 
3) Despicable Me 2 Uni. $16,024,000  Total: $306,413,000 
4) Turbo Fox $13,325,000 Total: $55,768,000 
5) Grown Ups 2 Sony $11,500,000 Total: $101,664,000 
6) Red 2 LG/S $9,400,000 Total: $35,074,000 
7) Pacific Rim WB $7,540,000 Total: $84,026,000
8) The Heat Fox $6,850,000 Total: $141,245,000 
9) R.I.P.D. Uni. $5,857,000 Total: $24,352,000 
10) Fruitvale Station Wein. $4,657,000 Total: $6,339,000 
11) The Way, Way Back FoxS $3,300,000  Total: $8,931,000 
12) World War Z Par. $2,760,000 Total: $192,620,000