Jack The Giant Killer

Jack The Giant Killer was No. 1 in this weekend’s very lackluster box office results. Even more painful, since, before Jack came out, it was obvious that it was going to be a very expensive loser which had already gotten some pretty tepid advance word of mouth.

With production costs of $200 million, the film’s opening take, aside from being underwhelming, and even with future overseas box office, it’s going to be pretty impossible for the film just to break even.

Aside from that, some are questioning why Warners would release the film, originally scheduled as a summer release, just a week before Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful, directed by Spider Man movies director Sam Raimi, comes out, and which will, no doubt, be No. 1 next weekend.

Oh well, the why and wherefores of studios’ film releasing strategies are never clever cut and are baffling most of the time.

Not to cry for Jack director Bryan Singer since he’s got the next X- Men film about to start. And it couldn’t come sooner.

Meanwhile Django Unchained is now past $400 million in total worldwide box office gross.

1) Jack the Giant Slayer WB (NL) $28,010,000

2) Identity Thief Uni. $9,706,000 Total: $107,433,000

2) 21 and Over Rela. $9,000,000

4) The Last Exorcism Part II CBS $8,030,000

5) Snitch Sum. $7,700,000 Total: $24,410,000

6) Safe Haven Rela. $6,300,000 Total:$57,093,000

7) Escape From Planet Earth Wein. $6,276,000 Total: $43,213,000

8) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $5,941,000 Total: $115,521,000

9) A Good Day to Die Hard Fox $4,500,000 Total: $59,624,000

10) Dark Skies W/Dim. $3,556,000 Total: $13,453,000

11) Warm Bodies Sum. $2,650,000 Total: $62,010,000

12) Life of Pi Fox $2,300,000 Total: $116,943,000