X Men

It just goes to show you my memory isn’t what it used to be. According to X Men: Days of Future Past, during the 1973 Paris Peace Talks to end the Vietnam War, a naked blue chick with orange hair jumped out of a window and had a fight with a blue hairy half man/half beast. I remember that the talks were more or less a failure, since, though there was some sort of agreement, it didn’t end the war for at least another 2 years. But you would think I would have remembered that monster and that naked chick.

Then, of course, I remember President “Tricky Dick” Nixon all too well, and Watergate, and his resignation, and his “I’m not a crook,” and all that. But I’ll be damned that somehow it slipped my mind that he also revealed to the world, at a White House ceremony, an army of giant flying robots, resulting in all kinds of chaos and pandemonium at the event, caused by some levitating guy wearing a cape and a helmet. So thank God for X Men, or else, all these important events would have been lost to faded memory.

So what does this have to do with this weekend's box office report? Nothing really. It’s just something I wanted to get off my chest - all this playing around with history and stuff.

And of course the film was no. 1 this weekend, making some $90.7 million, and is expected to do as much as $110-$115 million during this Memorial Day extended weekend. And add to that the $171 million that the film has done overseas to date, and no doubt there's a huge sigh of relief to Fox.

Relief, since the film, with its rumored  $270 million production cost, makes it the second most expensive movie in Fox's history, with 1997’s Titanic still at no. 1, with its  $294 million budget (in 2014 dollars), and Avatar coming in third for Fox with a $237 million budget.

Meanwhile have film-goers finally had it with Adam Sandler and his lousy, infantile comedies? O.K. I get it. When he’s tried to branch out and has done something different, such as Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love or Judd Apatow’s Funny People, which are possibly his two best films, audiences didn’t respond.

But of late, his usual crappy stuff, such as That's My Boy, have not fared well at all (with the exception of those Grown Ups movies). And now Blended (which critics are saying is something of an improvement because it’s terrible, but not as terrible as the stuff he’s been cranking out lately) can be added to his list of b.o. disappointments, with just $14 million this weekend. Unless the film does better overseas - and none of Sandler’s films have done any real business in foreign markets - you can chalk this one up as another loser for Sandler.

Last week's No. 1 film Godzilla, dropped significantly as expected, but still did enough business to come in second with $34.8 million, and a total so far domestically of $148.8 million. Add another $103 million from overseas box office, although the film still has yet to be released in most of the world - particularly, Asia where it won't open until later this year.

And Belle jumped up to 12th place, now playing on 453 screens, with a weekend total of $1.7 million; Though after Monday, that figure should be closer to around $2.5 million, which means a b.o. total to date of $3.9 million, will be closer to $5 million after the holiday weekend.

1) X-Men: Days of Future Past Fox $90,700,000 
2) Godzilla WB $31,425,000  Total: $148,773,000 
3) Blended WB $14,245,000 
4) Neighbors Uni. $13,946,000 Total: $113,626,000 
5) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sony $7,800,000 Total: $184,900,000 
6) Million Dollar Arm BV $7,093,000 Total: $20,628,000 
7) The Other Woman  Fox $3,675,000 Total: $77,773,000 
8) Rio 2 Fox $2,500,000 Total: $121,598,000 $103 
9) Chef ORF $2,260,000 Total: $3,548,000 
10) Heaven is for Real TriS $1,950,000 Total: $85,750,000 
11) Captain America: The Winter Soldier BV $1,722,000 Total:  $253,563,000 
12) Belle FoxS $1,700,000 Total: $3,900,000