Captain Phillips

As expected, Gravity once again came in No. 1 this weekend with $44 million. But what is even more remarkable is that the usual box office drop off from the first week to the second for the film was only a mere 21%.  

This means the word of mouth for the film is fantastic!

At this rate, the film will easily cross the $200 million mark domestically it's already grossed some $200 million worldwide) and could domestically hit $300 million or beyond. Of course, this is giving headaches to execs at Universal who originally had the project in development, but gave it back to director Alfonso Cuaron who set it up at Warners.

Captain Phillips, which was thought by some to be some real competition against Gravity, came in second with a solid $26 million.

Meanwhile this weekend’s other big release was the is-this-sequel-necessary Machete Kills which had a disastrous opening. In fact, it just flat out tanked big time, opening with under $4 million

Considering that the first Machete film only made a grand total of $44 million worldwide, the questions that immediately come to mind are: 1) was there even a demand for anyone to see another one, and 2) when is director Robert Rodriquez going to grow up?

Meanwhile George Tillman’s The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete opened with $260,000 at 147 screens:

1) Gravity WB $44,265,000 Total: $123,400,000 
2) Captain Phillips Sony $26,000,000 
3) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Sony $14,200,000 Total: $78,037,000 
4) Machete Kills ORF $3,797,000 
5) Runner Runner Fox $3,725,000 Total: $14,114,000 
6) Prisoners WB $3,665,000 -Total: $53,620,000 
7) Insidious Chapter 2 FD $2,650,000 Total:  $78,447,000 
8) Rush Uni. $2,364,000 Total: $22,202,000 
9) Don Jon Rela. $2,340,000 Total: $20,141,000 
10) Baggage Claim FoxS $2,075,000 Total: $18,272,000 
11) Enough Said FoxS $1,935,000 Total: $8,187,000 
12) Pulling Strings LGF $1,150,000 Total: $4,124,000