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What Will You Be Watching On Thanksgiving Day? Some Options To Consider + Your Picks

by Tambay A. Obenson
November 25, 2013 4:24 PM
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It's that time of the year again; Thanksgiving Day, here in the USA, is this Thursday, November 28. And while I'm not exactly big on the holiday, I won't spoil your partaking in all the festivities that will consume the entire country over the next 4 days..

So, with that, I assume many of you have Thanksgiving traditions you'll probably adhere to this week, or will maybe break from and try new ideas, whether with regards to what you eat, drink, talk about, watch, etc.

It's the "watch" part that I'm most interested in here. What will you be watching on Thanksgiving Day? Likely football for many of you; while others stick to ritualistic screenings of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, or maybe Planes, Trains & Automobiles?

I don't know what I'll be watching, if anything at all. I very well could be working, researching, or prepping items for articles to post here on S&A on Friday. We'll see...

Although I might tune in to catch one of the football games that day; NFL games are as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. This year's holiday features some intriguing match-ups: Packers at LionsRaiders at Cowboys; and Steelers at Ravens.

Or I could even revisit some of the films mentioned above and below that, while not all necessarily, specifically, "Thanksgiving movies" do have scenes within them that take place during the holiday.

So what might YOU be watching this Thanksgiving? Share with the rest of us... it's after all the season for giving!

Including the aforementioned A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles, how about any of the below 5 films to start, some of which you may never have even considered:

Or maybe The Wiz?

Do you remember What's Cooking? The year 2000 film that follows 4 ethnically diverse families - Vietnamese, Latino, Jewish, and African American - as they prepare for Thanksgiving feasting; Alfre Woodard and Dennis Haysbert starred in it...

Or maybe Antwone Fisher, when, while spending Thanksgiving with Dr. Davenport’s (Denzel Washington's) family, Antwone (Derek Luke) shares a poem he wrote. I couldn't find a clip of that scene, so here's the trailer:

Or maybe even American Son, which starred Nick Cannon in the dramatic story of a young Marine who is forced to grow up when he returns to his volatile family, during a 4-day Thanksgiving leave. A rare purely dramatic performance for Cannon... 

So what might YOU be watching this Thanksgiving? Share with the rest of us... it's after all the season for giving!

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  • Boone | November 26, 2013 7:25 AMReply

    Oh my goodness, Spike Lee is on a Tambay list, what a surprise. Seriously, your cred is starting to slip after that fiesty and flambouyant "100 mil" prediction for BMH.

  • CareyCarey | November 25, 2013 10:11 PMReply

    One can't go wrong with Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and The Wiz. It's a family favorite. Some much so that it will be seen in this house at least once a year, every year. But the crowd at Thanksgiving's gatherings are a mixed bag.

    Lets see, there's the old folks, kids & young folks, sports fans, cards & board game players, drinkers & non-drinkers, church folks, movie watchers and those who'd rather watch 2 cockroaches fighting over the last drop of bacon grease than watch a movie. Also, there is an odd set in my family who I'll call The Sergio Affect Crowd. They'd rather watch Gunsmoke re-runs than a football game. So it's easy to see planning for a day long event at my home, even though it's Thanksgiving, can be a mighty tough task... but I have it all figured out.

    Well, I have to do it by the numbers as the day progresses. The old church folks get center stage by opening with a prayer before the grand feast. Normally this shouldn't take too long, however, as I've said many times, I come from a family of preachers, so a few of the patriarchs might want to get their shine on, outdoing each other in the grandest of fashions. Once we get through that hour of testimonies and "thank you God" thank you(s), it's time to get our grub on. Soon after filling our guts to the outer limits, many in the aforementioned crowd will fall straight to sleep, relinquishing their vote on the day's future activities. A few more in that group will precklike (pretend as if) they have to rush off to an evening church service. You know, as Tambay said "it's after all the season for giving", so every good Christian has to stand in church to give praise to the one who made this all possible. But truth be told (and don't tell nobody I said it) many are rushing off to the bright lights of the local casinos. Yep, as the song "Stormy Monday" goes, "The eagle flies on Friday" (and they will not have to work this Friday so they can stay out all night long) Saturday they'll go out and play. Sunday they'll go to church, and THEN they'll fall on their knees and pray... "I say, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on me"

    So after they rush off to put their money in the one arm bandits... I mean, in the church offering plate, I am left with the drinkers and card players. Now I don't know about y'alls family or if mine is any different than the "average/normal" gathering of friends, but every time cards, money and liquor is stirred in the same pot, COMBUSTION lurks in the shadows. That's right, arguments, cussing and finger pointing soon ensues. Everybodies dirty laundry becomes open game. That Budweiser, Hennessy, Gin & Juice makes brave souls out of some who can't bust a grape.

    After breaking up and cleaning up that mess and showing the combatants the door, those who remain ( the quiet and sensible folks watching the football game) will be so bored seeing their team getting their butts blasted, they'll be open for any movie suggestion I desire. I might even offer them ( the good folks) some of my delectable delicious chitlins I stashed away.

    Now I don't know about y'all, but that sounds like a good plan to me.

  • jess | November 25, 2013 5:15 PMReply

    +1000 for the first still/photo.
    Although I won't be watching it this week, Pieces of April is probably my favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving movie.

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