'Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?' - Doc On Once-Promising Olympic Gold Medal Winning Boxer

by Tambay A. Obenson
October 31, 2013 12:34 PM
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A new documentary feature from directors Trinity Greer and Dafna Yachin, and writer Art Fischman, titled Whatever Happened to Tyrell Biggs?, follows the titular Tyrell Biggs, a once promising, standout Olympic Gold medal-winning boxer,.who lived through a reversal of fortunes, and fell into obscurity, thanks to drug and alcohol abuse, and a devastating loss in his title fight with Mike Tyson, and is now slowly try to rebuild his life. 

The film will ask the questions: 

Were drugs Biggs' downfall? Did his management take him too far too fast, throwing him in the ring too soon against Mike Tyson? What was the long- term damage inflicted on him by the savage beating he endured at the hands of Tyson? And how does one explain the catastrophically downward spiral of his career as he subsequently loses against a series of opponents far less skilled than he? 

The doc feature will feature commentary from Bigg's former managers, trainers, referees, boxing historians, his friends as well as his opponents, all who share strong opinions about the character of the man, his skills and his derailed promising career.

The filmmakers have taken to Kickstarter to raise $35,000 to complete the film. With 25 days still to go, the campaign has raised about 10% of its goal. 

To contribute, click HERE or within the Kickstarter widget at the bottom of this post.

You're encouraged to follow the progress of the film on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TyrellBiggsdoc. And on Twitter, follow @TyrellBiggsDoc.

You can also visit the project's website at www.tyrellbiggs.com.

Check out the video pitch below, which contains footage from the doc:

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1 Comment

  • Troy | October 31, 2013 1:09 PMReply

    The samething that happened to even the greats. Gladiators are born and die in the arena. You never get to know the man in the first place so when they are no longer gladiators to the public they might as well be dead, thanks bread and circus.

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