"Who Gets To Tell Our Stories" - Great Conversation On The Business Of Black Cinema w/ Tanya Steele

by Tambay A. Obenson
February 10, 2012 12:09 PM
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Great WBAI radio conversation with filmmaker and former co-host Tanya Steele, a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, award-winning writer/filmmaker. The recording happened about 3 weeks ago.

Thanks to Cybel (the best DP ever ;)) for making me aware of it.

I finally got around to listening to it, and really loved all that Tanya had to say here about the business of film - specifically what we call black cinema, from Precious to Red Tails. She also reveals some interesting *insider* info regarding not only her own work, but also her experiences with black filmmakers who've *made it* like Lee Daniels.

I've got to admire her fearlessness here and I suspect some may not be too pleased with some of what she has to say.

I should add a bit of a disclaimer that Tanya just might be a contributor to S&A in coming weeks ;) 

When you listen to the hour-long conversation below, I think you'll know why (make sure you listen all the way through, because it only gets better as the minutes tick away):

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  • Nova | April 6, 2012 11:18 PMReply

    So thats what a copyright thief looks like eh?

  • Robert | April 8, 2012 11:30 PM

    +100 to that Nova. This woman is despicable.

  • Muse | February 11, 2012 6:39 PMReply

    Wonderful interview. What was that beautiful music at the end?

  • Cynthia | February 10, 2012 11:42 PMReply

    Great interview. And I'm crossing my fingers she contributes to S&A! :-)

  • yvette ganier | February 10, 2012 8:02 PMReply

    My girl! Our work is done best in your hands. We miss you. We waitin' on you. We love you.

  • Kia | February 10, 2012 7:11 PMReply

    This was extremely enlightening. Appreciated Tanya mentioning to support filmmakers who have yet to get a film produced--goes back to that old idiom "never judge a book by it's cover" Thanks for sharing Tambay!

  • Mecca | February 10, 2012 3:28 PMReply

    Woah! I didn't know it was that serious between her & Lee Daniels.

  • Nemesis | February 10, 2012 1:32 PMReply

    Wow... As someone who's re-finding their screenwriter mojo after a hiatus, that was both encouraging and dispiriting all at once. Look forward to reading Ms Steele's informed commentary on S&A, and hope to see her film(s) showcased on the site and elsewhere too.

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