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Will Smith Talks "Bad Boys 3" & "Uptown Saturday Night" Remake (Says Denzel Worried About Doing Comedy)

by Tambay A. Obenson
May 7, 2012 10:28 AM
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will smith bad boys

I wouldn't expect a Bad Boys 3 movie any time soon, if ever, based on these comments from Will Smith about the long-rumored threequel to the Michael Bay franchise that also stars Martin Lawrence.

As Danny Glover's Roger Murtaugh says, "I'm too old for this shit..." Or at least, if Bad Boys 3 is to happen, Will wants to do it before he gets too old for this shit.

Doing press for Men In Black 3, here's what he had to say, courtesy of I Am Rogue:

I love making those movies... It's Miami, the tight T-shirt and fast cars, but just at this point in my career the material has to be right. Just because it's a popcorn movie doesn't mean that you don't have something to say. Then, to me, that's hugely important. I'm forty three and I've got probably… I'm looking at maybe seven more years where I can run and jump a little bit and then I'm going butt and gut for the rest of my career. Butt and gut. 

Trying to read between the lines here and I'm thinking, he doesn't seem like he really wants to do it. And I don't blame if, assuming that's the case. It's completely unnecessary  (then again, I thought MIB 3 was also unnecessary , but it still got made). Plus Big Willie has a ton of what I think are far more interesting original projects on his future slate, and Bad Boys 3 just doesn't get the juices flowing.

I wonder if he's aware of plans by Brits Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters to make a UK version of Bad Boys.

Also worth noting, in that same press junket, Smith talked about the much discussed remake of Uptown Saturday Night, stating that they're definitely working on it - both he and Denzel Washington.

As for who would play whom in the film (Bill Cosby's Wardell Franklin, and Sidney Poitier's Steve Jackson in the original), Will added:

I don't know. We would figure it out as we got into it and see who's more comfortable because I first asked Denzel and he said, 'I'm not funny, man.' I said, 'See, that was funny, that you said that.' He was as little concerned about the comedy. I'm like, 'Man, come on. It's going to be fantastic.'"

I remember some of you expressed some concern for Denzel's comic abilities, given that he rarely does comedies. But I think he'd be good at deadpan humor, since he's often so serious. But I'm sure he could give into his whimsical side convincingly. 

The last time he attempted a purely comedic role was in The Preacher's Wife in 1996.

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  • CareyCarey | May 8, 2012 4:12 PMReply

    Lottery Ticket or Uptown Saturday Night? Y'all make the call! Is your heart set on a Bow Wow, and has never been funny Brandon T. Jackson -- and get on my last nerve Loretta Devine -- and a corny Keith David and "I'm trying to act" Ice Cube? Or can we agree that a perfect fingerprint can never be duplicated? Who-who-who in their right mind would try to match the brilliance of the writer Richard Wesley -- who by the way -- wrote the screenplay while living in Sidney Poitier's California home. Huh -- how could one duplicate that? And please, forget about a troup of actors filling the shoes of the best black actors and comedians to ever walk this earth. Heck, nobody -- I repeat -- NOBODY can walk in the shoes of Bill Cosby. And c'mon, there will never be another Richard Pryor. And who can fill the shoes of Flip Wison or even Roscoe Lee Brown? But wait, I haven't even mentioned Harry Belafonte or the matinee-idol looks with chiseled-out-of-marble features and skin the color of brown velvet of the good actor Calvin Lockhart. What current actors can fill those shoes? And heck, is there another Rosalind Cash out there? Please don't say Nicole Beharie nor Taraji Henson or Paula Patton. Sooooo, forget about it Will Smith ! Hold your line Denzel Washington! Y'all my be the new BMOC but we can't recapture the brilliant rainbows of our youth. Don't even try it!

  • O. Barr | May 8, 2012 12:30 AMReply

    Anyone remember him flexing comedic chops in his first joint Carbon Copy, with George Segal? Then years later in Heart Condition with Bob Hoskins? I mean, DWash is my favorite male actor, next to Cheadle, but he may have a point of not touching comedy, those movies stunk!

  • Dankwa Brooks | May 7, 2012 11:25 PMReply

    The thing I'm most concerned about with USN is the age difference. These guys are supposed to be running buddies? Yeah. Ok. The other thing is PREACHER'S WIFE was just a weak script. Denzel can't blame his inability to do comedy on that. I've seen Denzel do comedic bits in most of his movies to think that he can do it. Comedy is WAY HARDER than drama though. Case in point, one of the funniest comedians of our era can't be funny in films and his name is Chris Rock.

  • Mark & Darla | May 7, 2012 10:34 PMReply

    Don't do it Denzel until he seeks out fresh new writers, director skill in directing a comedy and Eddie Murphy as your partner in the movie.

    Denzel, Jack Lemmon once said 'casting is a very important process' Will and you are a odd couple.

  • TC | May 7, 2012 10:33 PMReply

    Romany Malco is funny. Kevin Hart? I'm still trying to see the humor.

  • the black police | May 7, 2012 9:18 PMReply

    Noel Clark seems to be spitting out movies in the UK. Good for him!

  • Jug | May 7, 2012 8:50 PMReply

    DISCLAIMER **I love Will & Denzel**. But after seeing the One, Two punch that is Kevin Hart & Romany Malco, I would put them in this remake STAT! You would save BIG bucks on the budget & it would be guaranteed funny as hell. Just sayin'....

  • Laura | May 7, 2012 8:42 PMReply

    Imma go out on the limb also.

    Maybe Denzel is being diplomatic about doing Uptown Saturday Night. Maybe he's not feeling it. Who know's, with the right screenwriter and director, he may be able to find his comic timing.

  • Ava | May 8, 2012 1:28 PM

    I had that same feeling while reading this article. That he was being diplomatic by being self deprecating.

  • misha | May 7, 2012 1:22 PMReply

    "I'm like, 'Man, come on. It's going to be fantastic.'" >>>> Fantastic? I doubt that, Will! Don't do it, Denzel! Save yourself from what is sure to be mediocrity, at best!

  • al | May 7, 2012 12:29 PMReply

    I'm gonna go wayyy out on a limb here.....Denzel Washington is a TRAINED actor. He will do just fine in a comedy. Even though Michael Jordan played in the east in a era when teams from the east would grind it out half court style, do you think he would have had a problem if he played in the west where the game was generally up tempo?? Of course not.

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