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Will Smith To Make Directorial Debut With 'Epic' Retelling Of Cain & Abel Story w/ 'Vampiric Twist!'

by Tambay A. Obenson
July 12, 2012 3:45 PM
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Biblical adaptations are apparently all the rage in Hollywood right now, and Will Smith is jumping on that bandwagon.

But not just to star in; as a directorial vehicle, which would make this his directing debut.

What's the biblical property Will is eyeing? Cain and Abel.

Long time readers of this blog will recall that in 2010, Big Willie signed up to star in, and produce The Legend Of Cain, described as "an epic re-telling of the Biblical sibling tale, this time with a vampiric twist."

Big Willie was to play Cain, producing under his Overbrook Entertainment label.

Cain, according to the bible, was the oldest son of Adam and Eve, who killed his brother Abel.

But how exactly will they work a "vampiric twist" into this?

Let me count the ways... the story of Cain and Abel is one that's been adapted in a myriad of ways throughout history, in literature, theater, film, song, etc. But I will note one in particular that might be of influence in this case: the role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade, in which, according to Wiki:

"Caine is the father of all vampires (also called the cainites). He was cursed by god for killing his own brother to wander the lands out of Eden forever (immortality). While wandering, he encountered Lilith, his father Adam's first wife. From her he learned the basic powers of vampires (called Disciplines). Caine was then visited by four Angels. They offered him the chance to repent for Abel's murder. Caine rejected each angel. Because of this each Angel cursed him: weakness to fire, vulnerability to sunlight, thirst for blood and constant betrayal."

Maybe all you biblical scholars can suggest your own theories...

Caleeb Pinkett (any relationship to Jada Pinkett???) wrote the original script back in 2010, with Dan Knauf, and it was said to be under revisions by Andrea Berloff, with no director attached at the time.

But Will Smith will be the director. 

Whether any of what was in play back in 2010 (notably the vampiric twist) are still in play today, isn't known... yet.

Stay tuned.

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  • Susie | July 14, 2012 12:29 PMReply

    Drinking blood was forbidden by God to the point of being a death sentence for this in the Old Testament under the Old Covenant. Cain and Abel were Old Testament figures. Will should be shamed of himself coming from a Christian background.

  • karla | July 27, 2012 7:48 PM

    its just a movie... get a grip....

  • eutrophicated1 | July 13, 2012 11:03 PMReply

    It would be epic to see a film involving real, emotional, life-force, simple over-controlling of relationships, or some other form of vampirism instead of the vapid horror flick variety we have been subjected to for so many decades. Is Hollywood so stultified that no one can present works with some depth to them?

  • Tamara | July 13, 2012 4:13 PMReply

    I think both the Biblical and the Vampiric in this synopsis mesh perfectly. Definitely creative, simple and to the point. But where's the conflict? This could be really, really, REALLY good or the opposite. Present-day, these cursed-by-the-angels-beings...umm, what else is happening with them? What's the haps "now" with these cursed-folk? Anyway, it's sounds interesting.

  • S. AL | July 14, 2012 12:31 PM

    Oh plz, it does not mesh perfectly unless one is a bible illiterate? The conflict is good vs evil I'm assuming one will be good probably Abel.

  • noel | July 13, 2012 5:44 AMReply

    Good story tending to the wrong direction. Bizzare.

  • Cherish | July 12, 2012 11:29 PMReply

    Will this actually be a Black movie? In other words will BOTH Cain and Abel be Black? Hmmm.

  • JEFTCG | July 13, 2012 12:23 AM

    Cmon, you know the fresh prince doesn't do black movies! The darkest director he's ever worked is the indian kid he's working with right now, M Night Shamamalam. But he'll hit you up with some ebonics when he's trying to "relate" and establish affinity, that's for sure.

  • Miles Ellison | July 13, 2012 12:08 AM

    Not if they want the film to actually be shown in theaters. No one white will tolerate a biblical film where the main characters don't look like heavy metal guitarists from the '70s.

  • Thatstlphoenix | July 12, 2012 11:26 PMReply

    Can you also give nod to L.A. Banks, whom I think Caleeb may have been inspired by, she wrote about Cain as well who was the first Vampire. She was from Philly as well. RIP Momma Banks!

  • Vsvibespot | July 14, 2012 10:58 AM

    I'm actually sad they are ripping this storyline off of the fabulous L.A. Banks my she RIP.

  • CareyCarey | July 13, 2012 2:08 AM

    I don't know anything about anything in this post except L.A. Banks. Good looking out... I have some of her books (autographed).

  • Lydia | July 12, 2012 6:27 PMReply

    As a Christian, this movie idea doesn't bother me. In fact, I think it is brilliantly creative. Writers have been retelling biblical stories for thousands of years, and many of the great works of fiction have their roots in the bible. Heck, seems like most things in Western culture do.
    I just hope the production values are high and the script is good. I've been waiting for Black movies to finally make the leap into big-budget fantasy and CGI. I'm tired of romcoms and men in dresses.

  • Miles Ellison | July 12, 2012 8:12 PM

    There is nothing creative about movies involving vampires.

  • Donella | July 12, 2012 8:01 PM

    Usually the horror writers comb the Book of Revelations for terrifying visions. I can't recall a horror film project that involves Cain and Abel.

  • sandra | July 12, 2012 6:08 PMReply

    Can we leave the vampires and zombies alone for a bit?

  • Cain | July 12, 2012 5:11 PMReply

    Love Will, but the idea sounds awful. :-/

  • timo | July 12, 2012 4:33 PMReply

    Yes Caleeb Pinkett is Jada Pinket's younger brother. He's a writer. You could't just google that guy indiewire??? Seriously....

  • AccidentalVisitor | July 12, 2012 4:15 PMReply


  • Troy | July 12, 2012 4:54 PM

    He is in entertainment. Lest our ideals of moral integrity ever elevate us, society's celebrities will have to suffice.

  • Troy | July 12, 2012 4:51 PM

    Hooray he isn't a Christian, the deadliest cult this world has ever known.

  • Darkan | July 12, 2012 4:33 PM

    And people say he's a Christian. Hah!

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