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The Paperboy

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    "The Paperboy"

Oh Lee Daniels... I've been looking forward to seeing your first post-Precious work (it's been a while hasn't it), and, thus far, the 2 clips I've seen from The Paperboy haven't really wooed me. I'm a bit concerned. 

This clip new clip especially; yes, I know, it's just one clip, but, as The Playlist notes (where I lifted the below clip), these kinds of juxtapositioning of images, and sophomoric transitions/cutting are just that... sophomoric. Stop it! 

Yes, we can see that Zac Efron's character is having a mental moment; he's daydreaming. We got it. Please don't have several sequences like this throughout the film. I'll probably get a headache. 

A little subtelty goes a long way.

On the other hand, it's good to see David Oyelowo in this. The talent in this alone makes it a project worth paying attention to. I hear Nicole Kidman has a "Fatal Attraction" reveal moment in the film, and Daniels has promised that this film delivers even *dirtier* deeds.

The Paperboy is scheduled to screen at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival shortly, and we'll get our first reactions to it when that happens, by way of reviews from those writers who are in attendance.

*Fingers crossed*