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Your Prayers Have Been Answered - Oxygen Cancels 'All My Babies' Mamas'

by Sergio
January 15, 2013 3:14 PM
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In case you haven't heard the news, seems that all your petitions and prayers have worked. It was announced early this morning that the Oxygen Network has pulled the plug of Shawty Lo's reality show, All My Babies' Mamas.

The one-hour special, which was basically a pilot for a potential reality series, about the C-list Atlanta rapper and his 10 baby mamas and 11 children, all living in one big happy house, not surprisingly, became a source of a visceral controversy.


Although the network came to their show's defense, claiming that "it was not meant to be a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross section of society", most agreed that this was a crock of you-know-what, and criticized the show, saying that it was pandering to the worst in negative stereotypes, and resulted in various on-line petitions to get the show removed.

According to inside soruces, those petitions, and the never ending backlash against the show, worked, and now Mr. Lo will have to find some other means of income to feed his kids.

But here's the thing, it was all just a big act anyway. Actually, I happen to have a lawyer friend who works in the Altanta/DeKalb D.A,'s. office, and who deals with child support and abuse cases. I asked her if she had ever heard of this guy.

She told me that a few cases had come across her desk involving Mr. Lo, for failure to pay child support. So, in other words, he's not living with any of these women in this house, nor taking care of them. In fact, I doubt all of these women actually live in the same city or state for that matter.

Most likely, All My Babies' Mamas was something all set up by the producers of the show, cooked up for your amusement. The house might not be even his, but was rented out by the producers of the show.

That's the thing about reality shows. They're fiction for the most part.

And then, of course, there is the bigger issue: What made Oxygen think that they could get away with a show like this in the first place? Perhaps giving the public what they want?

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  • getthesenets | January 18, 2013 4:06 PMReply

    ok..licensed Django action figures and dolls have been pulled as of 1/18/13

    Simon says you can write an article about the controversy NOW. You have the greenlight.

  • sergio | January 18, 2013 5:04 PM

    You've really got a hard on for those action figures don't you?

  • sandra | January 16, 2013 2:35 PMReply

    God is good! One down only 1,732,839,345 more reality shows to go. Hang in there!

  • Aaron | January 16, 2013 8:34 AMReply

    Thank all of those with a voice and was not going for that f**kery. That is one coon show down, a few more to go.

  • getthesenets | January 16, 2013 12:54 AMReply

    3 posts about shawty lo and none about the licensed django dolls or the planned protest at the golden globes----------

    Shadow and Act or Shuffle and Tap?

  • getthesenets | January 17, 2013 12:59 PM

    Not about making everyone happy. It's about covering relevant stories and I think that the controversy and planned protest was a relevant story. I don't think it was a coincidence or an oversight that S&A didn't even write an entry about it. So much for journalistic integrity.

  • sergio | January 16, 2013 8:23 AM

    Call us Shuffle and Tap. Happy now? Sorry but we can't please everybody.

  • ALM | January 15, 2013 8:26 PMReply

    I kept telling people that he shouldn't be able to afford that house off of two hits. I knew it....."She told me that a few cases had come across her desk involving Mr. Lo, for failure to pay child support". <<<Well, the 2 or 3 people who supported the show can now have a seat. There were always 2 or 3 people on these message boards using the "at least he pays for his kids" line in support for the show. That's the problem now. People's perceptions are warped. Paying child support does not make a father. Fathers spend time with their children and provide emotional, spiritual (and financial) support.

  • Wanett | January 15, 2013 7:07 PMReply

    When grown ass women choose to make fools of themselves that is one kind of problem, a mostly personal one. When grown ass women and one fool ass man choose to make fools of their children, that is everyone's problem.

  • Gary C. | January 15, 2013 6:33 PMReply

    Does me good to know we still have some principles.

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