UH OH! They’re back!

America’s favorite interracial family from that controversial Cheerios commercial last spring is back in a new spot for the cereal, which will make its broadcast premiere on this Sunday’s Super Bowl football game. The first time that Cheerios has ever had a commercial shown during the event.

As you will recall back in May, I wrote a piece (HERE) about the first Cheerios commercial, which was already generating a lot of talk at the time of the post. The piece drew literally hundreds of comments. Most were favorable, but others weren’t too thrilled, to put it very mildly.

However one commenter who called himself Castigator stood out by saying that the commercial really bothered him because:

“The more white women flock to non-whites from the other tribes, the less white women there will be for our white sons… We are mad because we don't want to lose our white women, because we are attracted to them and want them to be our wives, because we simply aren't attracted to other women. …The problem is that a growing number of white ladies are taking liberalism to a horrific extreme. They are ashamed of being white, they hate white men, and they feel they need to contribute to a better future and make up for past wrongs committed by white man by literally bringing about a white genocide.”

Can’t top that. Though I wonder what he will say about this new commercial. Probably not much at all since his head will explode once he sees it.

But I have to ask you like I did last time, do you have a problem with the new spot yourself? Will it be as controversial as the first one? What do you say?

Take a look: