Not wasting any time, or waiting to see what the box office results for Colombiana are this opening weekend, Zoe Saldana is already on the move again... this time, not only will she be starring, but she'll also produce a supernatural thriller titled Dominion.

The project is already set up at Paramount, so it looks like this is moving full speed ahead.

Dean McCreary and Chester Hastings are penning the script, and plot details aren't fully public yet. Though THR says the film "centers on a woman (Saldana) who is half-human, half-angel."

That's all we know at this point. Feel free to take a guess at what the rest of the story is...

The writers have short resumes - 1 feature, also thriller called You're My Angel, which is listed as being in pre-production, and a short film.

So I have no idea what to expect from the pair at this point, until I know more.

But if Zoe is getting studio projects greenlit based on just her name alone (no director is attached yet), as star and producer, and doing so already in her career, that's really good news for her, as she climbs the ladder towards A-list fame.

Stay tuned... fun times :)