Daniel Radclife (Equus; December Boys)

While people tend to disturbingly celebrate anytime a female child star comes of age and does a sex scene, with boys-to-men it’s different. The worst sex scene by a former child actor may be Corey Haim’s in Blown Away (opposite former child actress Nicole Eggert, whose nude presence delighted many). But the most dreaded was perhaps Daniel Radcliffe’s more fully nude sex scene in the theatrical production of Equus. The scene in December Boys isn’t as graphic, though it’s still difficult watching Harry Potter lose his virginity on screen no matter how it’s depicted. It might get easier seeing Radcliffe have sex in movies as he gets older, but we doubt we’ll ever stop picturing him as the little boy wizard, and that will always make such scenes unsettling.

Seth Rogen (Knocked Up; Observe and Report)

Adam Sandler’s Funny People costar, Seth Rogen, was humorous and genuine enough in his sex scenes in Knocked Up to almost grant him a free pass from this list. Even if many viewers didn’t want to believe that a guy so unfit and unattractive could be in those circumstances with a beauty like Katherine Heigl, we were completely okay with the scenario. Then Rogen had to go and seemingly date rape Anna Faris in Observe and Report and it was all over for him. Now he’s all skinny and we still don’t want to see him in another sex scene ever again. As much as it was difficult watching Sandler bang two ladies in Funny People, we were glad that Rogen was given no sex scenes this time around.