8. Modern Robin Hoods Don’t Actually Steal Anything, in "Wisdom" (1987)

If Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore were merely modern day Robin Hoods in this film (which Estevez also wrote and directed — with help from Robert Wise), they wouldn’t have qualified for the list, but because they didn’t actually steal any money from the banks they robbed, their holdups are quite interesting. During the 1980s, when American farming was in crisis, it was more beneficial to decrease farmers’ debt than increase their cash in hand. Does burning mortgage records still count as stealing? Yes, in a way that’s cleverer than simply looting money.

7. Small Army, Big Take, in "Kelly’s Heroes" (1970)

In this larger-scale precursor to "Three Kings," a group of American soldiers led by Clint Eastwood venture into enemy territory during WWII to steal a huge cache of gold bars located in a bank vault. It’s certainly unlike most heist films in that it’s also a war movie, and both the robbers and the bank guards are armed with tanks.