Havoc (2005)

I love the non-fiction work of Barbara Kopple, and I believe it possible that Anne Hathaway indeed gives an Oscar-worthy performance in her latest film, Rachel Getting Married, but neither woman’s talent is fully utilized with this movie, which also features a script written by Oscar-winner Stephen Gaghan. I will always think of this movie as an unfortunate hiccup in the careers of these three individuals, but I will mostly remember it, as will most people, for featuring Hathaway’s first topless sex scenes.

A History of Violence (2005)

Personally, my first recall is the graphic violence. The second thing I remember — more fondly, in fact — is William Hurt’s cartoonish yet canny performance. The sex scene on the stairs might not even be in the top five things that made Cronenberg’s film memorable for me, but I promise you there are guys who primarily think positively of A History of Violence for that moment. I even know some of them.