Fat Girl (2001)

Almost as dauntingly memorable as actually waking up to people having sex in the room you’re sleeping in, the infamous scene depicting such an event in Catherine Breillat’s film is likely the first thing you remember. And it probably doesn’t help your memory that the scene is significant enough to have spawned Breillat’s later film Sex is Comedy, which is basically about the difficulty of filming the Fat Girl scene (as seen in the above clip).

Talk to Her (2002)

With this film, I don’t mind that it’s a sex scene that I primarily recall, because it’s a scene that I think is extremely clever and surprisingly well-executed. No, I’m not referring to the part where Benigno (Javier Camara) rapes the comatose Alicia (Leonor Watling); I mean the black and white dream sequence in which a miniature Fele Martinez completely enters a large, constructed setpiece representing Paz Vega’s vagina.