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10 Worst Orgasms in Movies

by Spout
July 22, 2009 5:32 AM
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by Christopher Campbell

In the 76 years since Hedy Lamarr came on the scene with her groundbreaking orgasm in the Czech film Ecstasy, we’ve seen countless onscreen simulations of sexual climax, few of which have been more awful and embarrassing than the one depicted in the new romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. The scene (watch it here) features Katherine Heigl’s character having an awkwardly pleasurable dinner meeting thanks to some vibrating panties and an unknowing kid in possession of the undergarment’s remote control.

Obviously it evokes all previous dining-scene-set orgasms (there have been plenty), but the bit in The Ugly Truth probably wouldn’t seem fresh or funny even if there were no precedent for scenes of its kind. Though indirect, the fact that it’s a preteen boy causing the orgasm makes the moment a little disturbing, as well. We’re sure that some moviegoers will find humor in it, but we came away from the scene feeling displeasure proportionate to the ecstatic pleasure experienced by the character.

After the jump, we take a look at ten other orgasms in movies that make us completely uncomfortable.

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  • Carmen | November 30, 2011 8:14 PMReply

    Looking back at the scene with Meg Ryan, I now think how over the top it really was (romantic comedy, with the emphasis on *comedy*). Unfortunately, it seems that Hollywood's idea of orgasm comes from porn films, and now it seems that every "YouPorn" type has the same idea. Worth a facepalm now; not sure I'd want to have a girl like that anyway.

  • dancebert | June 28, 2011 5:17 AMReply

    > we never found it funny

    It's cringe funny, not ha-ha funny.

    > or believable in the first place.

    Romantic comedies are fairy tales, they're not supposed to be believable.

    > Meg Ryan is just way too theatrical,

    Her character was clueless about a lot of things, faking an orgasm among them.

    > not to mention publicly humiliating,

    That's the source of the cringe.

  • Adam | June 23, 2011 3:58 AMReply

    My thought in regards to the Katz' Deli scene is - has Meg Ryan ever had an orgasm? With the way she 'acts' one out, it's apparent, that she A) took horrible direction from a man (Rob Reiner) and B) Has yet to have an orgasm herself. Just horrible.

    Also, couldn't agree more with Mathieu

  • Mathieu | May 8, 2011 7:59 AMReply

    You can actually give women orgasms without ever touching them or they touching themselves. Orgasms occurs from mental stimulation. That's also why a lot of women can't have orgasms. It's not that their partners are touching them in the wrong manner, it's that they are mentally blocked. You don't need physical touch to have an orgasm. Problem is most people, like yourself, don't beleive it's possible and so they will never experience it as long as they chose to beleive it's not possible. 40 days and 40 nights actually got it pretty close to the real thing.

  • beannazi | May 8, 2011 1:24 AMReply

    Couldn't agree more with #1. I never understood why people didn't regard that scene as crap.

  • DJ | December 2, 2011 2:41 PM

    Because it's funny. There's a lot going on in that scene, not just Meg whoopin' it up. Billy's reaction is fantastic, and the looks from the restaurant patrons are priceless. Rob Reiner's mother is the one who said "I'll have what she's having", and if that didn't crack you up, so be it. But it did crack millions of people up, so you do the math. You're wrong. :) Okay, it's subjective. But you're still wrong.

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