Geek Loses Virginity to Evil Alien, in "Evil Aliens" (2005)

We like this sex scene because it makes us think of all those fanboys at Comic-Con who’d likely have sex with an alien, even one as disgusting and evil as the one here. They’d probably even do the Queen from "Aliens", and the Predator, and the thing from "Mac and Me". Because not only would they finally get to finally lose their virginity, they’d also become the envy of all their fanboy friends. Then they’d wear a crown and act all superior like Ken Jeong in "Role Models".

Natasha Henstridge Finally Loses Her Virginity, in Species (1995)

Some fans of the continued Species franchise might prefer the first sequel’s sex scene involving tentacles coming out of Natasha Henstridge’s nipples, but for us it’s all about the first film’s ultimate copulation, in which the alien-human hybrid (made from transmitted DNA instructions) succeeds in fooling future Doc Octopus Alfred Molina into impregnating her. It’s a pretty straight sex scene, save for the protruding back fins and the post-coital murder. See, throughout the film, we actually want the seemingly evil alien to succeed, probably because we’ve empathized with her ever since she was a young, confused experiment played by Michelle Williams in her first film role. It’s not her fault her nature is so lethal, you know? Besides, if Molina’s character has trouble recognizing her just because she’s changed her hairstyle and color, and he’s so eager to bed a stranger when he should be more wary, he probably deserves to die/father an extra-terrestrial offspring.