Geena Davis Gives In to Shaved Jeff Goldblum, in Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

When the aliens from this movie first arrive on Earth, they aren’t all that sexually appealing. But once they shave their fluorescent, furry exteriors they’re miraculously as human looking as can be. Enough that Geena Davis is easily attracted to the formerly blue Jeff Goldblum (the two had previously had a sort of interspecies affair in The Fly). But she is hesitant until she sees that a man from outer space is anatomically compatible with a girl from the valley. While the actual sex scene is really cheesy and resembles late-80s soft-core porn with its colorful cinematography and glitter, Davis is great in her doubtful sequence just prior to doing the deed, and her artsy post-sex nightmare, in which she initially regrets what she’s done is plenty fun, too.

Steve Vincent Thinks Earth Girls Are Ugly, in Space-Thing (1968)

This single outer space sex scene is given the exception because it’s so amazing. And we’ve never even seen the sexploitation flick it comes from (we only saw the clip here, where you can also see the Evil Aliens scene). Also, it has a neat inverse situation to the scene from Earth Girls Are Easy, in that an alien in the form of a man is doubtful and hesitant to go to bed with one of the female crewmembers of the S.S. Supreme Erection, because he thinks humans have ugly bodies. Throw in some terrific ‘60s music and ingenious narration (“I think she wants something of me”) and what more could you ask for? It’s hard to understand how considers this scene “embarrassing.”